Graham David Walker

Hi! I’m Graham David Walker, the founder and the author of the articles on I declare myself as an independent expert of Minecraft. That’s why my texts are real guides to the Minecraft world.


I’ve collected the best versions of Minecraft, modifications, different addons, texture packs and maps on the website.

As you can see, my site consists of only the most absorbing and exciting additions for the game.

Moreover, before I post any MCPE content, I try it by myself. So, every add-on posted is guaranteed to be well-functioning.


My expertise is proved by my tester and programmer experience. I worked in several famous companies that are involved in the IT and gaming industries. My qualifications are spread in the fields of:

  • modding,
  • administrating,
  • programming etc.


I have several hobbies, for example, I like collecting Lego (I have some Lord of the Rings sets and Harry Potter). By the way, I like movies very much!

Contact details

To contact me, send message to email: