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Minecraft PE 0.15.10 apk free

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Meet the Friendly Update, no wonder it has such the title because it brings pig riding, donkeys and horses, husks and strays etc. to the game.

Main New Features

Mojang programmers focused on variety of parts of the game. Thereby game community can notice a lot of additions were brought to the survival sandbox and changes of many aspects. For example, pay your attention to pig riding which is now available in the renovation.

Transportation Facilities

New version of the game allows you to ride donkeys, pigs, mules and, obviously, horses. Nevertheless, it is required to tame everyone, the hogs are exception.

On the contrary, horses have become smarter and will fall for that — mount equines as many times as required to for pets to love you in the revamped cube world.

Moreover, an important detail, you need to have a saddle firstly. In addition to that, it’s an incredible feature that you can equip your horse if you’ve got an armor set. To be accurate, it’s notable to say that there 3 horse armor sets in the MCPE.

Game Experience

Well, horses are very quick, no one would argue, but an advantage of the donkeys that can carry your loot with you. So do mules, but they are logically slower.

Furthermore, the fresh update has prepared new zombies and skeletons for us. Husks lives in hot deserts and strays are forever alones in tundras and taigas.

The main difference of these mobs that they have got personal effects. Husks make a player to feel Hunger and arrows of strays makes you slower because of poison.

It is little bit not suitable mobs for ‘Friendly’ Update because they are absolutely hostile.


Meet Jungle Temples in the fresh game version as well! This left and forsaken location usually generated in thickets of tropical forests where there are no human steps.

Nevertheless, if you stumble into it, be aware of traps because Temples are strongly protected from visitors. Also, there are 2 secret dispensers are integrated into the walls.

As well as two chests, one of which is hidden behind lever in the reworked game version.
  • How Can I Tame a Horse and a Donkey in the Revamped Game?
    You just need to mount them, but feed the pets with wheat as well.
  • How to Make a Piston?
    To craft the item, take cobblestone, iron ingots and wooden planks.
  • How to Seek for a Jungle Temple?
    It is generated rarely, but you can certainly do it.
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Version: 0.15.10
OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE 0.15.10 apk free
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