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Minecraft PE apk free

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Get new version of MCPE Village and Pillage freely for Android to receive newly added blocks, meet a wandering trader and stumble into illager beast.

Main features of Minecraft PE version

Finally, the developers from Mojang decided to bring to our favorite cube game something connected with the name of the update — Village & Pillage. Let’s consider and look through lots of different modernizations in the fresh version of MCPE.

For example, you can accidently stumble in to wandering traders from now on which are travelling throughout the sandbox and wish to trade with you with various things.

All in all, the general game experience has been transformed rather radically in the renovation of Minecraft PE v.

Composters and campfires

You remember that we have mentioned new blocks in the announcement above and it is notable to say that the blocks are the most interesting part of the fresh update. The revamped game counts minimum 6 absolutely new blocks.

Firstly, a composter which is used to make bone meal using food. Nevertheless, at the moment it has got no functions meaning the item has no usability yet.

We can say the same about campfires. There is no opportunity to apply them anywhere yet in the version of MCPE, however, soon they will become super facilities for conveyor cooking.

In addition to the fact, campfires have received old textures.

Lecterns and bushes

Although lecterns can be used in the new version of Minecraft PE. A player has an opportunity to put every book on the lectern and connect it with different Redstone circuits.

When you turn over the pages of the book, the item emits a signal though the network.

Now, the community has got an easier and quicker method to sue flags and banners with the help of a loom added in the renovation of Minecraft PE.

Despite to the fact that the developers have not brought functions to a stonecutter yet, they have managed to brought it to sweet berry bushes. The bushes are generated in tundras and taigas biomes.

New items

You can gather up to 2 or 3 sweet berries form a bush. The sweet berries are not so nourishing but will come in handy in the wild.

The update of Minecraft PE has integrated banners patterns to the game as well, and you can receive them with a help of a loom. Logically, the patterns are used in the faster banner making.

You do not have to remember the recipes in MCPE v. Nevertheless, you should stumble into an idea firstly.

To sum up, MCPE version has made the whole cube survival game much better.

  • How to make a loom in this renovation v.
    Take several planks and strings.
  • Should I seek for wandering traders?
    They will meet you themselves across the whole sandbox.
  • What is the way to make a campfire?
    You have to obtain a coal, several sticks and logs.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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