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Minecraft PE apk free

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Meet the release of a new version of the Minecraft PE which brings new blocks, bug fix and traveling merchants.

New Main Characteristics

The programmers from Mojang are still working on the updates of their game and they have reached a middle stage of Village and Pillage updating.

For example, the new version contains a lot of new blocks. Moreover, villages have been rework completely in the fresh game.

Since the moment villagers are smarter and have strategies which distributed on work and task for everyone. Furthermore, the settlers of the villages look absolutely different presently.

As far as we can judge, the gaming studio has renewed their appearances at all. Firstly, a unique skin has been made for every job in the current update.

On the other hand, the looks will different in different biome of settlement.


It is very notable, that the renovation is made not only in Village&Pillage sphere but the textures has been updated as well.

It’s exciting work because the programmers have redesigned every texture of the Pocket Edition. The game looks completely different since the moment. They decided to take such a step due to the fact that the previous textures were drawn by different designers, which was very striking.

Now the textures look pretty similar and in one style to Minecraft’s different building items.

New creatures

Let’s consider the new features related to mobs. For instance, you cannot stumble into pillagers only in the Experimental Gameplay since the moment.

More detailed, the bandits can be found wandering around the locations rather often in revamped game.

Moreover, players can restore the health of their cars anew with a raw cod or a salmon. These animals were reworked in the previous update.

Cats dwell in villages and ocelots are not bound to them since the update and there is no need to catch them.

Finally, the fresh version enhances a lot of characteristics of the MCPE and they have become cooler. The developers have rebuilt villages in the game world from scratch.

Now there is a new stage of adventures with invaders and jobs.
  • Which Blocks Were Added in the Fresh Game?
    The developers have integrated lecterns, looms and etc. in the MCPE.
  • Can I Use a Campfire Now?
    No, you can’t. Unfortunately, it has been not useable yet.
  • Have the Programmers Added Any Functionality for a Stonecutter?
    No, they have not added this feature yet.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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