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Minecraft PE apk free

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Get the MCPE version Village and Pillage freely for Android: plenty of fresh blocks, visuals and raids are available from now one in the cube sandbox.

Main features of the Minecraft PE update

The developing studio of the MCPE has finally introduced the 1st beta version of the upcoming big renovation called Village and Pillage. They are going to release pillagers and refresh villages!

It turns out that players have got an opportunity to participate something really large-scale, adventurous and exciting like battle for a settlement with the advancing conquerors.

Moreover, the update is going to bring a lot of different wonderful block to Minecraft PE. So, you will receive more building possibilities in the new version of MCPE.

To sum up the point, Minecraft Pocket Edition has been made more interesting game to play since the moment.


MCPE version brings the next civilization which is in a competition with usual villagers. Pillagers are hostile to Steve, villagers and golems.

The main pillager is the Illager Captain. You will recognize him at the moment by the banner on the back. The Captain will try to spell the “Bad Omen” effect on you.

When you will have killed the annoying enemy, it is strongly recommended not to visit every village as this will lead to the beginning of the raid in newly updated version MCPE

Furthermore, you will stumble into pillagers patrols everywhere in the cube sandbox. As an exception, there is no possibility to come across the patrols in the Nether as well as in the End.


Nonetheless, the most absorbing features of the fresh Minecraft update is raids. Visit any village on your way with the “Bad Omen” effect that has been spelt on you and begin the fight.

Probably, you will be attacked by the raiders if you desire to get the “Hero of the Village” status.

This achievement will provide you with discounts on products that villagers sell.

Raids are separated into waves. Each wave will add more pillagers in the battle in this revamped version Don’t forget to activate the Experimental Gameplay mode because it gives access to the feature.

Tunes, soundtrack and… blocks!

Here’s the next impressive statement about the following renovation of the cube game — new blocks! They have got no functions yet but it will be changed soon and Mojang will integrate functions to them.

Nevertheless, part of the block has been already able to perform something.

For example, barrels have got an opportunity to store stuff and you also can ring in the bell to have villagers aware about the pillagers approaching in the new fresh version of MCPE.

  • What is the way to remove “Bad Omen” effect from me in the revamped version of Minecraft PE?
    Just take a glass of milk.
  • What is the appearance of the pillagers in the MCPE?
    They are familiar to villager, but the skin is a bit darker.
  • What is the weapon of raider?
    They prefer to use crossbows and shoot.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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