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Minecraft PE apk free

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Plenty of changes, some enhancements and new blocks wait for you in the newly coming game version!

Main New Features

Firstly, Village & Pillage Update is still on focus of the developers. For instance, commanders of pillagers drop the flags as it must be done since the moment. It is easy to differ them with the mark on their back. You receive a ā€œBad Omenā€ effect after eliminating them. The application of it is to make raids to begin in the fresh update of the game.

To start a rush, simply visit any village with the effect received. After that, crowds of pillagers will attack the settlement, killing everybody. Luckily for the couple of villagers, the iron golems will protect the dwelling. These creatures are friendly and pretty strong to deter attacks of the bandits in the renovation of sandbox.

To sum up, our cube world was redone completely.

Main Improvements

The programmers of the studio are working hard on both versions of the game ā€” Java and Bedrock ones. Now they reworked the seagrass to make its appearance to look the same in both versions of the survival game.

On the contrary, command blocks received an autofill function. It became much more comfortable in usage because nothing depends on your grammar or spelling in the revamped game.

Moreover, a command block now has hot an opportunity of a delay option. This suspension is measured in regular Redstone tongs.

Additionally, the newly discovered structural block has a contour when it is put on the surface from now on.


Furthermore, this fresh update of the pocket edition offers to players absolutely new barrels and since the moment they have received their own Creative storage segment in the renovation of MCPE. They used to be tied to chests.

On the contrary, the developers designed the cartographic table and a lectern. In addition, their graphical interfaces can currently be changed in resource packs.

At last but not at least, the most interesting feature of the upcoming version is 100 per cent /particle command applied to spawn selected bits.

This command will definitely be applied by map makers to create the game experience much more exciting.

  • Are There any New Blocks in the Renovation?
    The developers added a camera.
  • How to Receive a Camera?
    It does not work yet, that means it non-sense to use it.
  • What Do the Wandering Traders Receive?
    They get new sounds.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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