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Minecraft PE 1.12.1 apk free

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Some game experience improvements and little changes have enhanced MCPE inimitably.

Main characteristics

The developers are still working on enhancements of the Minecraft PE. It’s very important to fix all the bugs and correct all the mistakes and errors that users could stumble into.

The programmers are trying to reach an ideal working process of the game. New version of the game is summoned to bring changes where they have been need for so long.

Since that moment, your journey in the game world is going to be much more pleasant because a lot of its main features have been improved. For instance, fast elytron no more lagging in the fresh version.

It was found out that the players do not use elytra and the reason is because the game wasn’t able to load plots just in time. Now the bug is fixed.

Bug Fix

The workers of the Mojang have carried out the work and have achieved an incredible gameplay. For example, multiple Ender dragons cannot appear together in the renewed game.

In addition, part of the Nintendo Switch owners have lost a possibility to log in the Microsoft Account. This is for a synchronization your Marketplace acquisitions and playing on public servers.

If you look at the problem from the other side, you won’t get stuck on the world generation stage. You could stumble into such a problem while you travelled in the End.

Fortunately for all the problems and minecrafters, Pocket Edition has become more stable now since the fresh version.


First of all, reworked version is rather poor renovation in comparison with previous ones. The studio has integrated one new block and it is camera. Furthermore, the camera is absolutely needless.

This block does not have any feature in the MCPE at the moment. Anyway, it’s still possible to receive the camera with a command /give.

The fresh version of the game does not bring any new locations or tools and creatures. Everything that was made: errors correction and general improvement.

Nevertheless, the renovation is related to content making, this segment is constantly lack of new characteristics which should be integrated in the Minecraft.

Some info packets are separated from this point.
  • Are There Any New Sounds in the Fresh Version?
    Yes, there are. Some creatures have received new sounds.
  • Does Fresh Version Work Stably?
    Of course, there are just few bugs, no more.
  • What Does the Camera Need for?
    Unluckily, no one knows because it doesn’t work.
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Version: 1.12.1
OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
Minecraft PE 1.12.1 apk free
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