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A large-scale bug fix, addition of new blocks, impressive features and new mob — all of that is waiting for you in fresh update of Village & Pillage!

Main New Features

The developers do not forget about the renovations of V&P Update and new revamped version is related fully to raids and new villages. Moreover, there is plenty of new features.

For instance, players come stumble into foxes in the tundra location from now on. These animals are modest and nervous, anyway, they are nice and adorable. Additionally, plenty of bugs are corrected. To sum up, the new version of game has made it much better.

New Blocks

Mojang Studio has integrated new building block into the game, that’s way minecrafters can take pleasure from them in a Creative mode. For example, there is a fresh Void block that you can’t get in Survival mode.

The Void is technical and is applied by structure blocks in the revamped version of the game. The whole free space collected by the structure block will be stacked as the void ones. Therefore, there is no an opportunity to construct buildings.

The Voids are incorporeal and invisible. Furthermore, you can get an access to them only with the Experimental Gameplay turned on.

New Creatures

Meet the foxes in the cold tundras of the renovated game. The mob was added to the game by the choice of player at Minecon Earth 2018 Biome Chooser.

Thereby, foxes run away when they have noticed users. But, the mobs are friendly — even a player damages them, they won’t attack him and keep ignoring as well in this fresh update.

Nevertheless, the foxes are hunting for chickens but also they are hunted by polar bears and wolves. It’s kind of eco-system in the survival sandbox from now on.

It’s a pity but you can’t tame a fox in this game version updated. Nonetheless, you can make them no to run away from you.

Simply feed the mob with berries and they will make a child. The kid will not be scared of you. It is a friendship-making process in the new MCPE.

All in all, the game has received some updates to the interface and old blocks as well as creatures have got improvements in the upcoming version of the game.

  • How to Find Redfur Mobs in the New Version?
    The foxes inhabit tundras.
  • What’s New about Cameras?
    You cannot take them with the /give command.
  • And What about the Villagers?
    The villagers have got 5 levels.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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