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Meet newly made version of the Village and Pillage Update for Android for free: the secondary renovation fixes a lot of various bugs and brings plenty of brand new additions.

Main new features of the renovation

The second beta of the third version of the Village and Pillage contains mostly minor changes connected with the game experience tech part.

For instance, the developers have removed a lot of game crashes. Player could stumble into them suddenly with no reason. Your multiplayer game session could break off because of sudden quit.

The next game crash was caused by the ocean monument loading. It could lead to the loss of your walkthrough progress and it disappoints a lot.

Fortunately, the bugs were fixed immediately in the fresh game version.

Main changes

This fresh revamped game has brought to us one the most important changes that Mojang has ever released. Creators have finally got an opportunity to create absolutely new blocks and things instead of replacing the old blocks and items.

This feature allows imagination to flourish, which means that ordinary players can count on a whole new level of possibilities. In addition, there is an option to disable the invitation that you see in the chat after joining the world.

Additionally, the performance of the survival cube sandbox has been significantly changed in the new game version. It is found out that flying on elytron in the End dimension can lead to a sharp drop in frames per second.

The developers are informed about the problem and, luckily, they are solving the problem.

Game experience

Mojang studio has changed the sandbox in lots of aspects. For instance, freshly integrated foxes have not run away from the player walking around since the moment. From now on, these skittish animals are not afraid of players.

Moreover, foxes do not follow minecrafters with goodies in the hands. You can seduce the creatures only by keeping a wild berry taken in your hand.

In addition to the fact, some villagers are finally getting to work properly.

Some of them were unable to find their way to their destination. When we talk about the blocks, players can also create TNT from red sand in the newly refreshed game version.

To sum up, the game becomes better and much better with the all updates made by the game studio’s developers.

  • How can I tame foxes in the revamped sanbox game?
    There is no opportunity to tame the creature.
  • For what reason do foxes run away from Steve?
    Foxes are skittish animals, but you can go on tiptoe if you don't want to scare them away.
  • How to feed foxes in the game renovation?
    Feed the creatures with the wild berries.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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