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Meet new version Buzzy Bees which is available on Android from now on! The game has received bee nest and hives, new insects and many fresh updates.

Newly Made Features of the Renovation

Initially, a beta-version was introduced suddenly and no one had expected the Buzzy Bees Update. The community did not receive any hint about upcoming renovation.


Agnes Larsson reports, the most important feature of this adorable insects has been integrated into the game — the developers want to tell players about an upcoming extinction of the bees. The insects do not attack the player and they have got just 10 HP. Nevertheless, it is a bad idea to attack them because bees will protect home hives. You have got an opportunity to stumble into the insects nearby the plants on the flatland and around woods in flower forest as well. Flowers are the sense of bees’ life because they get pollen from them.

Thus, flowers feed them and you can the plants to breed the insects in this revamped game.

New Blocks

The Bees’ Theme is spread by new blocks connected with the creatures too. For instance, a bee hives are literally generated blocks and you can stumble into them under trees. The whole swarm of the insects will strive to kill you if you have destroyed the hive. To get honey in this new version of the game, just put a campfire under the nest.

At the moment any player may gain honey with the bottles and honeycombs with scissors.

Then again, a beehive is a synthetically invented equivalent of a bee nest. It is made from planks and honeycombs. Moreover, you have to please several yellow-black insects with flowers to make bees to live there in the refreshed game.

Main Changes

The developers have made some interesting changes of a game experience in this update. It’s found out that dispensers are able to fill empty bottles with water and honey from now on. In addition to the fact, they also can take honeycombs with scissors put inside. In addition, more mobs are able to be attached to the lead. This is a great change for farming community of the Minecraft PE.

The main menu is redone to fill the renovation point at all.

  • What can we notice new in this fresh renovation?
    Honeycomb with the same blocks are rather good to create buildings.
  • How to make honey blocks?
    Take 4 honey bottles with and put them together.
  • Can i find bee spawn eggs in the revamped sandbox?
    It is possible and there is an opportunity to spawn bees with eggs.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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