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Minecraft PE 1.14.60 apk free

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Read about new features in new version 1.14.60 “Buzzy Bees” for MCPE for Android which integrate changes with the honey and bees.

What are the changes made?

The developers finally finished the work on the Buzzy Bees version. As it’s expected, the sloggers-insects have got some improvements.

First of all, the studio programmers worked on bug fix and errors that player had met in the previous MCPE v. 1.14.60. Moreover, Mojang reworked a balance of the Minecraft.

The revamping was made not create too comfortable conditions in the created worlds.

What was remade else?

So, the new game version has been summoned to renew a lot of things. Mainly, the developers added an informational announcement telling about online settings of the world.

Additionally, they deleted the opportunity to share your old-fashioned PS3 and PS Vita worlds. It’s a pity, but Mojang hasn’t support servers of these consoles since the moment.

Also, some critical bugs influencing on game experience were fixed.

Main features

For example, the minecrafters complained that the game didn’t start because of the update. Fortunately, this problem was solved in the new version.

Main changes

It’s important to mention that the game had a funny bug that told to the players their gadget had no enough free space for the world creation. The programmers solved this problem as well.

If we talk about other repairing that v. 1.14.60 has needed, we could mention the problem with logging in to Microsoft Accounts. This error embarrassed players constantly.

It hopes like the error has been repaired.

How Did the Mojang rework blocks?

Finally, a newly made update called Buzzy Bees contains many new blocks. Now, minecrafters have received a Honey Block which can drag anything attached to it. Take the honey bottles and honeycombs to make some blocks.

Moreover, a honeycomb block looks really impressive and will be suitable for dwelling decoration.

In addition, in case, you play with gamepads, the developers have reskinned the buttons’ pics a little bit.

In conclusion, Minecraft Pocket Edition Version 1.14.60 for Android has been improved.
  • Has the Mojang invented new creatures?
    Yes, they have added bees, but only them.
  • What is the way to receive honey?
    Take empty bottle and seek for nests and hives.
  • Can I find honey in the flowers?
    It’s impossible as in the real life, so better look for hives and nests where the bees dwell and produce honey.
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Version: 1.14.60
OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE 1.14.60 apk free
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