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Meet newly updated Minecraft PE for free for Android with reworked underground world and a lot of other fresh features waiting for you in the survival cube game.

Main new features of the renovation

Mojang studio has introduced the Nether Update at Minecon 2019. And this renovation has got much to show. It is found out that the biomes will be added in the Nether.

Moreover, a new population of piglins will be instead of pigmen. But pigmen will not be removed, they are just moved on the periphery of the location. In addition to that, their name is zombified piglins since this moment in the revamped game.

New blocks

The programmers from the developing studio did not leave any update without addition of new blocks. And the most interesting one of this renovation is an ancient debris. They say, the blocks are more popular than diamonds are.

Perhaps, the debris is more durable than diamonds are. In addition to the fact, the debris armor does not damageable by lava. They are more robust, and the tools are quicker.

You can stumble into blackstone and basalt in the refreshed Nether of newly revamped game.

As a rule, you can find them in Basalt Deltas. It’s one of the fresh locations.

New things and bug fix

It is logical that each large overhauling brings a lot of new things to the game experience. In this renovation community has got an opportunity to play with chains which you can find in Piglin Remnants.

Crimson and Warped planks, nylium, fungus, roots, and stems — that was else added in the game with the upcoming update. Moreover, it has got a crying obsidian. It is made for changing your spawn place in the Nether.

Moreover, the developers have redesigned the MCPE’s performance and have introduced some tweaks and bug fix of the gameplay. They report that now game experience has become smoother.

New abilities

Additionally, now users can use a compass on the lodestone as well. It is found out that the block will be an anchor for the compass and lead a player.

So, you’ll be able to make own waypoints in the Nether that has never been able to be done.

It is noticeable that all kind of soul blocks have got a blue flame from now on. Moreover, you can create torches and campfires with using an azure fire in the revamped game.

To sum up, the Nether Update has integrated acutely required life to the location.

  • Have the developers added new animals in the renovation?
    Yes, they have. The studio’s programmers have added mounting of striders. To do this, use some warped fungi.
  • Are there any new creatures else?
    Hoglins and zoglins are the new creatures of the Nether.
  • What’s new about the hoe?
    It's really useful from now on. You can apply the item to get rid of leaves.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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