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Amethyst and geodes, raw ores, and, moreover, the spyglass — that wait for players in fresh update!

Main New Features of the Renovation

We continue considering updates related to Caves & Cliffs theme and this new version is not the exception. Minecraft community from now on can meet a few new ores, special items and structures. Additionally, the developers conducted a bug fix to correct some errors.

Amethysts & Geodes

Since the moment you can stumble into a new impressive structure in the revamped cube world. Plenty of amethysts and geodes is generated underground. Geodes have an exciting structure with both internal and one external layers: smooth basalt, calcite and so on.

As well as amethyst clusters which are separated in the caves of the fresh renovation.


You must agree that sometimes we are in need of a view in a far distance and it’s pity we can’t have it. But we can since the newly added item called a spyglass!

The programmers from Mojang have invented a very useful item which allows us to see what is happening many blocks far from the player. Also, you can notice that the movements are a little bit slower. The developers reported, they had done this for more comfortable user experience.

Smeltable Ore Drops

Furthermore, the developers added new amethyst structures, new copper, iron, and gold ores. Next, if you wish to melt them, then you will lose some parts of the items. This was made to provoke a creativity of players. Nevertheless, there is also an opportunity to melt primary ores into ingots.

Raw Ore Blocks

Newly come update brings to the game another extraordinary raw ores: iron, copper and gold. They are just the same thing as the previous ones. They drop individual items as well to save some place in your pockets for a while.


Tuff is regular extraordinary ore, how it does not sound weird. Anyway, you can stumble into one in the deep depth of caves. But you should that the ore is generated only at y=below 16.

Main Changes of the Renovation

This time Mojang Studio paid attention to axolotls sounds and fixed the fact they had not worked. Moreover, powder snow is available in Creative mode from now on. As well as Amethyst, Calcite, and so on. And at last but not at least, a glow lichen is more realistic and closer to the surface since the moment.
  • Where do i get a bundle from in MCPE
    They are crafted from rabbit hides and one string.
  • Where should i seek for Amethyst Geodes?
    They spawn everywhere.
  • How do i craft a Candle?
    Take honeycomb and one string.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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