Minecraft PE Caves & Cliffs 1.17.0 for Android

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Here’s the announcement of the forthcoming update for Minecraft Bedrock 1.17.0 for Android! The Mojang studio has recently introduced innovative world additions for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.17 at the Minecraft Live 2020.

The company presented the Caves & Cliff update at the past event. The forthcoming update will bring us a lot of different additions. Read more about them in the text.

Interesting fact that the new update will be available for the PC-version for the Pocket Edition of the game as well. By the way, the version 1.17 has been released this year, in the summer.

The Minecraft community remembers about the first beta testing of the addition that has been launched this winter. So, we’ve learnt everything about the update and we are ready to tell you about the content that will be included in the version 1.17.

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Lush caves

The first thing that caught our eye was Lush caves. This cave is so wide, big and deep, a lot of different flora grows there, some parts of the cave are flooded with water. Mojang has revised the mechanism that generates this type of location.

Also, the developers invented new kinds of vegetation:

  1. A new kind of moss;
  2. Azaleas;
  3. New water lilies which you can go on;
  4. berry vines glow, also they’ll pass for food;
  5. Spore Blossoms produce particles.
Minecraft PE Caves & Cliffs 1.17.0 for Android

Dripstone Cave

Let’s consider another area called the Dripstone Cave. You will find a large number of Stalagmite and Stalactite there. What is the difference between Stalagmite and Stalactite?

Stalagmite is a mineral rock formed from the land. Stalactite is a mineral rock growing from top to bottom.

Both types of the rocks are pretty unsafe because they are able to damage you instantly as the rocks can drop down on your head as you can fall down on them. So, pay attention to the fact that the water drops fall down from the ceiling rocks and you can collect the water in the cauldron — just put the item under the stalactites.

Minecraft PE Caves & Cliffs 1.17.0 for Android

Updated generation

The developing studio has modified the world generation in Minecraft.

What’s new? The developers integrated underground water to the game world, also they made mountains sheerer and increased its height; underground ore appears in batches. Game designers decided to make Powdered Snow that will be pushed under your feet and new structures added too.

Other new mobs are added – Meet a Glow Squid, an Axolotl, a Goat, a Warden!

The mob was included in the Minecraft as a result of the global vote.

Gamers took a part in it while Minecraft Live was set. A Glow Squid became the winner. The minecrafter will bump into the animal in the bottom of the sea and in underground caves. So, the creature is the next source of light in the game.

A Warden appearance is similar to a minotaur. It sounds really creepy and you are afraid of the mob? Good, because much quicker you try to run away, then much quicker it gets to you. Move on tiptoe to stay alive. The creature orienteers on sounds, has a huge damage rate (30 per hit); its health is 84 points; A Warden dwells next to the new structure.

You will be able to catch new unusual fish underwater in Lush Cave. To do that – use a pail to tame the new type of fish. Then these tamed creatures will be your protectors. By the way, there are different colored Axolotl in the game world. They have the ability to restore health by mimicking as a dead during a fight. High in the mountains during your journey you may come across a cute Goat mob. Goats can jump very high passing through rocks. They can butt and push other creatures and mobs far from them.

New Redstone

You are able to improve functionality of your mechanisms and build advanced ones thanks to a new level of the Redstone blocks. These block types can be found the Cave Biome:

  1. Sculk block;
  2. Sculk chute;
  3. Sculk Growth is a thin layer resembling snow.;
  4. The Sculk Sensor is a device used to catch the responses on steps, block replacements and shots. Wool doesn’t pass sound, so the Sensor does not react. The reaction provokes activation of the Redstone connection.

Amethyst Geode

Amethyst is a block meeting rarely and creating new structures underground. The player can’t destroy the block. Amethyst blocks create Amethyst Crystal. You can loot the shards of crystals from AC which are part of telescope crafting.

Much more space in the inventory

Have you ever felt that you haven’t got enough free space in your inventory? The developers solved this problem and integrated new bundles. You can store up to 1 stack of blocks in the new bags. Also, you’ve got an opportunity to explore what is inside the bag by the tooltip. The player is able to tie and pass the bundle to others. Last but not least, you can get the items out of the bag at any time. 

Minecraft PE Caves & Cliffs 1.17.0 for Android


You can seek for the new ore in the caves. The material will be helpful in Lightning Rod and Telescope crafting. Copper ore can be stacked into Copper Blocks. Copper blocks will eventually turn green because of the oxidation process.

Minecraft PE Caves & Cliffs 1.17.0 for Android

Lightning Rod

A made from mentioned ore above item saves the household from lightning strikes.

Minecraft PE Caves & Cliffs 1.17.0 for Android


The item made from copper and crystals gadgets may be helpful in a case you have to examine something separated far away for many blocks.


A brush will help you to clean ceramic shards from the surface. You can put these small rocks on pots and commit to the fire. The fragments can represent the pics of:

  1. Vindicator;
  2. Alex;
  3. Wood;
  4. Skeleton;
  5. Ender Dragon.

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