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Minecraft PE apk free

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Meet the improvements and revamped gameplay with the renovated graphic engine.

Presentation of a Full New Version of the MCPE

New version of the Bedrock is a fresh reworked game from the Caves & Cliffs release. As you can judge by the title, the update’s theme is mountainous terrain which is covered from two sides. The released refreshed game will meet the player with a number of innovations that he will have to study. The revamped parts of Minecraft are related to gameplay features and other ones as well.

Programmers of the developing studio have been working hard on bug fix and correction of errors, which have appeared inside Minecraft PE, doing new version of the game. For instance, remember that bug which has made the user to show up on the Overworld surface because of light blocks. And, as it is mentioned above, the developers have invented new graphic engine — Render Dragon.

Game Experience Changes

First of all, we want to tell you about the Experimental mode. This mode gives you an opportunity to play with items which haven’t included yet in the official version.

Experimental mode is a way to explore the renewed gameplay of the Caves and Cliff: p.2 release. Anyway, don’t forget that the new features are not ready at all, so some them cannot function from time to time or not function constantly.

Structural block

The structural block in the upgraded game has got a fresh mode thanks to which the usage experience has become much more comfortable. The assignment of the mod is to mark a territory and calculate automatically the structure borders. To procedure this activity, the player has to put structural blocks in every corner of a chosen territory.

New Engine

If you’ve wished you play more realistic Minecraft, so your wish becomes true because of the Render Dragon in newly released patch. Since the update released, all Android gadgets will work with this graphic capacity. The company has been working with true lighting and believable shadows in MCPE to give the game a realistic look in the forthcoming renovation.

  • How Can I Get a Bundle from in MCBE Fresh Patch?
    Craft it using rabbit hides and strings.
  • How to Craft a Candle?
    Take a string and honeycomb.
  • How to Find Amethyst Geodes?
    This gem spawns all around the Minecraft world.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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