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Mojang has recently presented a test version of Minecraft on Android. This version is interesting because of 5 changes in the generator of world, also it fixes 17 bugs and integrates 7 tech changes.

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In-game changes:

The game has undergone 5 global changes, learn them:

  • An enhanced generator of updating caves below Y = 0 which contain ‘Caves and Cliff’ slider;
  • Fragments that have been updated before will not change;
  • Developers have increased the height of old flat worlds;
  • Since the new version New flat worlds will generate from Y = -64;
  • Redesigned flights at the maximum altitude of the worlds;
  • Copper ore appears up to Y = 96, before that Y = 64;
  • The character flies Elytras.

Bug Fix:

The developers have fixed 17 bugs – the list of the meanest and the most fatal ones:

  • A bug with ghost snow and plants — fixed;
  • Permanent spawn of Bee’s Nest – fixed;
  • Mobs ignore fire;
  • It is available to unlock Elytras while moving up;
  • Decreased a probability of Fossil destruction and generating in textures;
  • The vanishing of caves when Caves and Cliffs slider is turned off — fixed;
  • Presently iron golems spawn only on hard blocks;
  • The display of weapons on Pillager and Vindicator — fixed;
  • Buttons while saddle pets – fixed;

Enhanced the Edition of Character:

  • The character’s clothes now do not overlap the left/right arrows;
  • Changing the color of clothes if the color has changed earlier — fixed;
  • Enhanced navigator;
  • Minecraft Marketplace skins will suit on your personage when you play;
  • Minor bugs and errors — fixed.

Tech improvements:

The developers have integrated 7 tech improvements for add-on test and development in the game. The most important feature: Temporally deleted the RenderDragon engine on Android (ARMv7)


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