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Minecraft PE apk free

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Download now MCPE for Android where Xbox Live works and discover the opportunities of the multi-noise world with the spyglass for exploration.

New features in Minecraft PE

The meanest novelties in this update is enhanced generation. The multi-noise world innovation was brought to the new version of the game. Now, together with the new feature, the generation of the map and the environment of the world will become much cooler and the adventures in the sandbox will become many times more exciting!

For instance, the world transformation solves all the problems and errors occurring beside biomes. In addition, when generating the surroundings, all irregularities will now be removed, forming a smooth transition from one biome to another.

Rocky peaks

New version brings to the game a distinctive biome named Stony Peaks. The main characteristic of the location consists in the fact that it is generated in the heart of the mountains. Wide canyons, tiny hills and stony rocks form beside the mountainous terrain. All these rocky formations look authentic and bring the necessary details to the landscape, which, however, will become much more difficult to pass through this area. Anyway, it’s worth it to wade through the rocky peaks because there are endless reserves of precious ore and loot hidden there in MCPE for Android.

Render Dragon

A new graphics engine that is designed to improve completely all the elements in the new version of the game. Most of the transformations are related to biome textures. Nevertheless, mobs were redesigned too. Improved appearance has been made even for the safest NPCs, not to mention flora.


In the new version of the game, spyglass has only one purpose – to look at the distant distances of the world. To make the item you will need a copper and some amethyst shards. It’s important to mention that when looking at spyglass, you will get a slight darkening, don’t worry this is a usual frame effect.

Redesigned features

The changes which were made in the update for MCPE for Android:

  • the undead doesn’t spawn in the daylight, only at night — this bug with spawning at daytime was absolutely fixed.
  • abandoned villages were generated even less frequently.
  • new features from the second part of the update Mountains and Caves.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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