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The renovation that the fans has been waiting for so long is released. Let’s check out an important reworking that has been done.

Newly made features of the forthcoming version

It took a lot of time to develop a new update of Caves & Cliffs from the programmers of Mojang. Since the moment, the studio has an opportunity to release all the revamped characteristics of the game. In the fresh version of the MCPE players will appreciate new mountains territories and depths of caves.

New blocks

Let’s start with the new block that was added in the new coming version of Minecraft — Sculk block. You can stumble into it in the depths of the Deep Dark location. The texture of block is so dark and it makes very weird sounds.

To the sounds of Sculks, they interact with your noise and steps. The blocks can spot separation of another player. It will come in handy in the traps development.

Rocky peaks

There will be frequent meetings with very high mountains in your journey in the world of new version of MCPE. As a rule, there is a snow on the tops of mountains, but, since that moments, you can find out absolutely naked mountains’ picks.

The programmers of gaming studio have developed a new location called Stony Peaks. The main difference that the minecrafter will stumble into stacks of stone and bunches of gravel while travelling in the biome. The Peaks are invented to remove rapid temperature changes during the going from one biome to another.

New engine

New graphics engine, that was integrated in the new Minecraft PE, called the Render Gender, is worth to be mentioned. The main reason is that the engine brings serious texturing changes into the game. Now the MCPE worlds look pretty good.

New tool

The developers have integrated a new gadget in the MCPE which will be very useful in your surviving. Sometimes we feel lack of our vision and we need to look at a long distance. So, the problem is solved now with a Spyglass which lets to do that. Since the moment, you can easily check a territory of interest far from many blocks and make sure the place is safe for dwelling. And it isn’t necessary to spend too much time for walking there.

To craft a Spyglass, find at least one amethyst shard and two copper ingots. Additionally, the Spyglass has got a special feature — it can be used while playing from a third-person view.
  • How to Make a Bundle in This Version of Minecraft PE?
    To craft a bundle – take rabbit hides and one string.
  • What a Craft Receipt a Candle?
    Honeycomb add to one string.
  • Where Should I Search for Amethyst Geodes?
    It’s easy to find anywhere in the world.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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