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Mojang studio introduced a test version of our favorite cube sandbox survival game for Android. Interesting features were integrated such as Sculk Blocks and other experimental ones, as well as several changes in game experience and larg-scale bug fix.

Experiments of the Developers

So, the developers from the studio released new game mode ‘Vanilla Experiments”. If you turn on the mode, then your there will be added such things in your world:

  • A new special effect from which the display dims for a short period of time (It’s activated with the command: /effect @s darkness);
  • Generation of new caves on old worlds;
  • Goat’s horn;
  • Sculk Blocks.

New Blocks

The programmers introduced new blocks from the Deep Darkness location. Apparently, we will not meet the Sculks in the 1.18, so it’s a lucky moment to try them at the present. Here’s the list of additions:

  1. Sculk blocks are decorative elements and useless anywhere else.
  2. Sculk Screamer is related to the Acoustic Sensor and sounds noisy and creepy. When you step on it or interact with it, the Screamer will apply an effect of darkness on you. To be honest, it still doesn’t work right.
  3. Sculk strand connects to every side of the unit.
  4. Sculk catalyst. If any creature dies around, piece of the surface under the model of the mob will become Sculk and Sculk strands.

Fresh soundtrack

This update will make happier that players who like listen to the soundtrack in the game. Learn more:

The top menu has received new tunes form Lena Raine and Kumi Tanioka, so has the survival mode. If you play on mobile devices, you have to download tunes pack from the official store of the game.

Also the developers decided to bring an “otherside” record from Lena Raine to the game experience. You can listen to it from time to time in the chests of the Fortress corridor and much more seldom in the ones of the Treasure Troves.

Main Changes

To be accurate, the developers have done 5 changes of the cube sandbox, the most important ones are:

  1. The programmers developed a brand new method of putting thing in the game.
  2. Also, they reworked a RNG which generates worlds.
  3. Raid health becomes lower when taking damage everywhere.
  4. Another exciting change is an optimization of ore generated.
  5. Since the moment Xbox live is called simply Xbox.

Bug Fix

The developers have been working hard on correction and stabilizing the game, so that way they have fixed almost a quarter of a hundred bugs. Check the list of 24 errors that was removed:

  1. From now on there is no “Old” kind of generation when creating a world.
  2. ‘Old’ worlds are created only before the version 1.17.40.
  3. ‘Old’ ones process without features of the version 1.18.
  4. Two charcoal will spawn if you have broken a Fire with a Piston or have blew it up.
  5. Blocks of Light are resistant to Creeper or TNT explosions.
  6. Glowing lichen is not generated in the deep depths of the waters or above ground.
  7. Now you won’t see floating fortresses in the air nearby big caves.
  8. Lava is generated in the water or in Aquaifers for illumination.
  9. Generation of villages takes fewer blocks.
  10. Steve’s spawn and Structural Block interaction are fixed.
  11. The developers removed an X-ray vision on the zero level blocks.
  12. Fireball is not wasted when lighting Candle, Candle Cake, Bonfire, portal activation, or already burning blocks.
  13. Interplay between y=255 blocks and weather is fixed.
  14. The programmers also fixed the destruction and fallout of Paintings when loading the world.
  15. Residents always follow mode.
  16. The developers fixed plants staying in the Pot.
  17. Planting Lamas does not change after taming.
  18. Tropical fish spawn in Warm Oceans again.
  19. The developers removed glitches during the gameplay.
  20. The developers fixed glitches while loading chunks.
  21. The developers corrected crashing when moving through portals with tamed pets.

Technical Moments

The studio programmers released only one new feature — They enhanced the /clone command.

🤔 “I Lost My Worlds”

You did not, actually. To bring them back, you have to copy the “minecraftWorlds” folder from /games/com.mojang/ into the /Android/com.mojang.minecraftpe/files/games/com.mojang/ folder.

You can process that with any file manager. If your phone does not have integrated one, so simply download any one from the official app distributor.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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