Minecraft PE apk free [Release]

Minecraft PE apk free [Release]

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To get a new version of MCPE, go to the app distributor, search for “Minecraft”, and click on the first result.

What are the fresh features in Minecraft Pocket Edition

A new version of MCPE has been introduced for all operating systems.

Every time the game designers of the game introduce a new version, they update it.

The new features in MCPE include the ability to swim underwater, the swampy area is now filled with new amphibians, and the cave and mountain locations are now filled with helpful things.

The programmers released an update to their game, which included some changes and additions to the gameplay.

At present, frogs will jump out of their pond and drop blocks onto the floor.

Goat Horn

The goat horn, a thing that has been familiar to many Minecrafters, can be obtained by mining a goat when it collides with a solid stone block.

There has been a recent change with this thing.

You need to wait until after using the horn for the second time before using it again.

The Wild Update

Minecraft players will now be able to use experimental options when testing out new content from the upcoming renovation called Wild Update. To apply them, you must first set them up in the World Settings menu.


There are amphibians among the inhabitants of the swamps in the renovation.

Algae is used to feed amphibians. From now on the frogs like to eat pieces of slimy stuff.

Frogs can be bred in any quantity in swamps.

  • They’re found in swamps.
  • Aquatic – can live both on land and underwater.
  • There are three types of cards: white, brown, or green.
  • The kind of animal varies from the location where the animal spawned, but there are some common types of mobs.
  • Seagrass is essential for frog reproduction. The animals will then swim around in the water until they hatch.
  • Don’t like slugs and lava cubes!

Additionally, you can prevent frogs from death and do not put animals on the water surface.


  • One of the stages in the life cycle of a frog.
  • The first phase in the life cycle.
  • Lives only in the water, dies on land.
  • A player can gather animals by throwing buckets.
  • After some time, they turn into adults.

Land-dwellers cannot grow into adulthood if they only live in lakes. In addition, if you wish to get frog offspring, you can apply a bucket.

Block Frog Light

  • If you eat slime or lava cubes, you’ll be able to go back to your natural habitat.
  • There are 3 colors: Pearl, Green, Yellow.
  • Light block, light level 15.
  • You can use it as a decorative item.

New Biomes

On the expansive plains in the new version of the game, several biomes opened at once, unlike any previous version.

There are several kinds of mountain ranges near which there are different types of locations. They include Mountain Meadows, Stony Peak, and others nearby.

You can still stumble upon useful things and animals in these mountainous regions.

You have an opportunity to get a goat horn from a local farmer.

Dripstone caves differ from one another because they were formed by different geological processes.

There are 3 kinds: spaghetti, cheese, and water caves.

There are a lot of notable things to see in the Lush caves including some that glow in the light.

Changes in the update

  1. A Minecrafter can play games in different worlds at the same time.
  2. The globe flag got a fresh appearance.
  3. You can use the /loot command again.
  4. A player can apply the /damage command to attack the creature.
  5. Made reworks to the layout of the hard­sheets on some blocks.

Texture rework

  1. Cave dwellers don’t have grayish skin.
  2. Made some changes to some items’ textures.

Generation Mechanism

  • The transition layer of rock and deep schist has been reworked in place of the spawn levels. They generate from Y = 0 to 8, instead of from -8 to 0 from now on.
  • Spruce trees grow mainly in the Mountain Grove biome, but they can also be found in the Forest
  • Diamonds are generated by the bonding of carbon atoms.

Versions Differences

  1. Some main characteristics with the Java Edition are the ability to play multiplayer, create worlds, and upload them online.
  2. The other side plate has now outputted a redstone signal level value of 14.
  3. The Pigstep record now outputs a Redstone signal level of 13.
  4. As you pull back the string, the bow shudders.
  5. After victory under all foes of the raid, you will obtain the fireworks. The firework will then be posted.
  6. If the villager is empty, he can say “No.”
  7. Ill Omen effect doesn’t affect the player at any time.
  8. The merchants’ tables were edited for readability.
  9. Now, iron golems destroy enemies at particular points.
  10. He doesn’t have green eyes, but he has a birthmark on his face.
  11. Java Edition is the same in some ways as Glowing Lichen, but not identical.
  12. Foxes look down at their paws when they jump.
  13. The number of things generated in the cave is the same as in java.
  14. If you are infamous because of attacking villagers, after that an iron golem will be hostile to you.

Bug Fix

  1. Corrected an error that was causing a bottle of honey to take longer than usual to remove the effects.
  2. The lava hitbox processes properly.
  3. Saved experiences aren’t duplicated.
  4. When a player wants to sneak past someone, he is able to apply light boxes.
  5. If the user has turned off the fire damage, the magma doesn’t deal any longer damage.
  • Can I tame a goat in Minecraft PE
    No, you can't. All you're only able to do, it's to milk the creature.
  • How to use a goat horn?
    It can be used to create sound effects for video game.
  • How to obtain powder snow?
    You'll need a container for water.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free [Release]
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