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Minecraft PE apk free

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Meet a beta version of Minecraft PE version on Android released by the development studio. The renovation consists of several bug fixes and fresh features. The specificity of the update is being the first test version Minecraft PE 1.19, once the experimental feature “Wild Update” has been integrated.

Experimental feature

The developers have brought an option to the cube game that can be turned on to try the upcoming renovation ‘Wild Update’ out.

New possibilities:

  • The developers have also added new Skulk block to the cube game.
  • The features of the ‘Wild Update’ will be added in the next versions soon.

New Changes

Mojang has decided to add 4 new changes into the cube game:

  1. Decorations in cave locations are generated in the same amount as in the Java Edition for versions equality.
  2. The brightness of the Light Block will be changed in all versions from desktop to portable gadgets.
  3. To take any object, you have to jump over the block.
  4. The developers have added a warning message when installing external storage.

Bug Fix

All in all, the programmers from developing studio have fixed 17 bugs. Get acquainted with them:

  1. The caves of the Wastelands no longer have flat ceilings.
  2. Fossils no longer hang in the air in a cave or water, but appear at the level of bedrock in the same place as Deep Diamond Ore.
  3. The mines appear above the bedrock layer.
  4. They have fixed a problem with first-person shield block animation.
  5. The animation of walking axolotls is affected by speed.
  6. Wolves react correctly to taking damage from now on.
  7. Water lilies do not form in caves under swamps.
  8. Items in the furnace now melt without any problems.
  9. It is impossible to teleport if the specified place is blocked.
  10. After winning the raid, a victory message appears on the panel and fireworks are launched.
  11. Control with the help of joysticks in the menu is installed.

Technical Side

As of the technical point, the developers have made an effort to do 12 technical innovations in the cube game for mods creators and testers. They have enhanced the work of Minecraft PE when processing several commands as well.

Don’t forget to make copies of your old world before starting tests of the version.

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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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