Minecraft PE apk free

Minecraft PE apk free

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Get a new version of MCPE v. on Android and check the dark effect out after long time spent in caves.

New features of Minecraft PE version

We’re happy to say that the new renovation has brought a lot of new features, so let’s consider the main innovations of it. Firstly, the engine of the sandbox has been completely optimized with all features related to it have been transferred. Next, you can notice that the visuals have been enhanced very much.

Plenty of blocks’ and creatures’ graphics elements have been redesigned to make it familiar to the Java Edition. The multi-noise world is another interesting thing. This notable function forces the generation system in new revamped Minecraft PE to the new age. From now on not only large-scale locations, but also small biomes will be changed and you will see more details in sandbox.


Additionally, the developers have added an opportunity to switch soundtracks in the game. Switch old music on new one. You can see all the melodies in the in-game store and download them.

Sculk blocks

Mojang Studio has added a lot of new sculk blocks as well in the newly developed renovation of the MCPE. Here we go to get known more about them:

  • trap — it has got a darker appearance and is applied in wireless circuits.
  • veins — you can make cool circuits with the blocks and they’re generated on top of ordinary blocks.
  • shrieker — it spells the darkness effect.
  • sensor — it makes sound, moves and spots vibration. Also the block emits a redstone signal.

The effect of darkness

The dark effect is a new feature that you can notice during the tame-taking exploration of the badly lightened deep caves of the Minecraft PE.

Nevertheless, the revamped game gives another opportunity to obtain new things. Simply interact with the sculk shrieker to see the effect affecting on you. In addition, you will see some spots next to you at first. Thereby, the view will be more and more cloudy and will get darker till the whole picture will be dim.

  • Am I able to tame a goat in new version of the Minecraft PE?
    It’s a pity, but you aren’t. You have only the opportunity to milk goats.
  • How to apply a goat horn?
    It makes raid sounds.
  • How to conduct powder snow?
    Take a bucket to do that.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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