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Minecraft PE apk free

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Get a test version of Minecraft 1.18 on Android with a working Xbox Live: try the Wild Update, cognize the darkness effect and listen to the new soundtracks!

Main new features of the MCPE v.

The developers have recently made some large-scale updates of the cube game in the second part of ‘Cave Update’. Mojang Studio has fixed several bugs as well.

Technical enhancements

The sandbox has become much more interesting and exciting — the development team has refreshed textures of numerous units, has removed biome mixing, so the borders between them have become wider.

The programmers of the developing studio have removed 13 bugs and have implemented 9 tech changes. From now on the survival sandbox works more stable and testers can feel the difference as well as modes makers.

In addition, biome generation has got the same frequency as in the Java Edition. The developers have improved the game engine and removed some errors that have provoked freezes and crashes.

Bug Fix

  1. You won’t see animation of particles when ‘Bad Omen’ is spelled any more.
  2. When you go in the pause menu, your display will activate standby mode and darken.
  3. The programmers have integrated smoothness to the ‘Squat’ movement.
  4. The villagers will report you if there is no item on the shelves.
  5. After defeating and killing the Ender Dragon, it will remain in place.
  6. The developers have removed the error related to dressing the Armor.
  7. The Village bug fixed.
  8. Correctly set up the signature of items on the armor strip.
  9. The Glove flag is the same as in the Java Edition from now on.
  10. The /kill command has been released to eliminate the creatures that are affected by the ‘Absorption’ enchantment.

The Wild Update

The most sudden feature of the new Minecraft PE version 1.18 is a new Experimental mode. All the sculk bother our spending of night in the Wild Upgrade. You can feel for yourself the dark effect in the Experimental mode.

Mojang team has a lot of plans for upcoming renovations of the Wild Update meaning we’re going to receive a lot of new features soon.

Soundtrack and the effect of darkness

The new revamped game has got an update to the Minecraft Store. Now you can upload ringtones to the main menu of the game. The developers suddenly added this function into the new update of Minecraft PE. The dark effect works in such way: you lose part of your view for a while.


Now you can meet new animals in the swamps biome in the MCPE The developers have decided to add frogs there. Game frogs can mate, mate and leave offspring in the form of eggs, which then turn into tadpoles. Moreover, you can take a bucket and catch a baby frog. Remember, that if a tadpole lays on the ground, it will move not for so long and then die suddenly.

More funny fact, frogs can jump very high as they do in real life. An adult frog can stay on the land for a long and croaks nonstop. To make friendship with them, take a Seaweed.

The cube game has received 3 types of frogs regards to the biome:

  • Green;
  • White;
  • Brown.

It feeds mainly on slugs, so sometimes mucus is dropped.

  • Am I able to tame a goat in new version of the Minecraft PE?
    It’s a pity, but you aren’t. You have only the opportunity to milk goats.
  • How to apply a goat horn?
    It makes raid sounds.
  • How to conduct powder snow?
    Take a bucket to do that.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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