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As always, Mojang Studio is releasing weekly game updates for our games. Minecraft Pocket Edition has been updated to v! Download now from this page.

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In this version, 13 new features were implemented and 11 bug fixes were made. These include improvements to the user interface, graphics, sound effects, music, and gameplay mechanics.

Which bug fixes did they release?

Mojang Studios worked out 14 game design issues that affect gameplay.

  1. As long as they don’t eat any goats, frogs won’t bother them anymore.
  2. Inventory cells no longer disappear when they’re supposed to be there.
  3. When cocoa beans are harvested from their pods, they remain attached to each other by a tough outer shell called parchment paper.
  4. Blocks are generated correctly when they’re polyhedra.
  5. When stored, the observer block is inactive until activated by an operator.
  6. If the observer block is destroyed before activation occurs, then its state becomes undefined.
  7. Objects outside the frame are visible through the window.
  8. The structure where the thieves used to live no longer produces any rogue mobs or iron golems. When playing the game, if the player stays on the boat for too long, the spoon doesn’t disappear.
  9. The color of the vanilla Minecraft boats’ oars matches the color of their hulls.
  10. You can now control the cats by putting them on leashes.
  11. In this version, Guardian and Ancient Guardian units won’t get drowned when they’re attacked by an enemy unit.
  12. In Creative Mode cells don’t need to be checked for errors before saving them.
  13. Fixed the frequency of spawning chests and spawners.

There are some known issues with this version of Minecraft PE:

  • You cannot use boats or rafts anymore if you’re underwater.
  • If a floating block falls into a hole, it won’t be able to float back out again.
  • If you place blocks at an angle, they’ll look like stairs.

There were technical changes made:

Attention! There will be 12 points in this game, the basic ideas behind them relating to testing and development of modifications. This is a test world, so be sure to copy it before making any changes!


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