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A new version of our favorite cube game has been introduced and is available to play! Players can download a fresh beta version of MCPE from the game designers of Mojang at present. They’ve made some corrections and solved some problems that broke the stability of the game experience. Additionally, further technical changes for mod developers and testers.

Check out the new update with a working Xbox Live. Look at fresh changes in the app, the various locations, and the changed frogs!

New features in the fresh update

With the release of this update, the MCPE development team finished up the block-based world and released the Caves&Cliffs pt.2 updates. The programmers addressed a lot of technical issues, enhanced the generation, and even included a new creature.

  • Changes made to the system
  • Most of the changes involve using mob frog, frogspawn, and goat horn.
  • When an event occurs, jumping animations appear.
  • To breed frogs, it is required slime ball.
  • Remade the HP of a frog from 2 to 6 HP
  • Added the generation of appropriate creatures in certain regions.
  • Creatures jump onto small blocks like water lilies right.

If frogs come to death when they fall off of their blocks, it happens because they don’t have sufficient water or because they aren’t moving fast enough. A player cannot use the “fill” command to place frog spawn anywhere except on top of the ground and underwater. Instead, you must create a separate layer for each type of terrain.

The Goat Horn item has a cooldown period after applying.


An error that prevented Minecrafters from saving custom skins in their wardrobes has now been removed.

If you’re drowning, you’re only generated in locations where there is some light.

If you restart the test version of the app, everything you did before is saved.

The boiler will not be filled from droppers below its waterline.

You can add armor to your character in the game.

Technical improvements

If yIf you’re using this version of the game, don’t worry if the game crashes unexpectedly. They’ve fixed the bug.

Enhancements have been made to the way ships work: they won’t disappear after a long voyage, and the oars won’t repeat the colors of the boats. Enhancements have been made to the way ships work: they won’t disappear after a long voyage, and the oars won’t repeat the colors of the boats. If you haven’t reported any problems yet, please do so now.

They’ve made nine fresh tech remakes for developers and beta testers.

Before uploading your world, don’t forget to copy the world from another player.


Minecrafters can see remakes in the locations of mountains, caves, and forests in version 1.18 (and possibly later). Each cave is different from the other, so take time to carefully explore them.

And the Lush cave will please the eye with its beautiful plants and flowers. for the Paraphrase Challenge, you can search for helpful blocks near Sunken Peak. Mountain goats live in highland regions of the Rocky Mountains. Any player can meet them right there. And they have horns.


The team added new dangerous creatures to the Swamp World and placed them into the game. Adult frogs live in the water; tadpoles live in the water. As children grow up, they become bigger groups of people.

It is important to note that the sounds used in the game were sufficiently realistic for players to believe they heard real frogs. Artificial reproduction can occur both in the natural world and in the artificial one. Frogs can be bred by using algae. Earlier versions of Minecraft have received improvements and bug fixes from later versions, for example, foxes aim down when attacking.

  • Can I tame a goat in Minecraft PE
    No, you can't. All you're only able to do, it's to milk the creature.
  • How to use a goat horn?
    It can be used to create sound effects for video game.
  • How to obtain powder snow?
    You'll need a container for water.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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