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Mojang has introduced a new version of MCPE that is being tested on Android. The developers have renovated the Deep Dark, have worked on 14 corrects of errors for being the same as Java Edition and solved 22 problems. Players are still waiting for the Warden.

Get a new version of the game with a working Xbox Live: check out new blocks, walk through new locations.

Fresh Features of the New Version of the Game

The developers of the cube survival world still work with the space of MCPE and add new features as well as elements. New Version of MCPE Caves & Cliffs Pt. 2 provides minecrafters with renovated locations and elements, enhanced creature intelligence, also new constructing items.

Tech Part

There are nearly 8 changes related to the tech part. RenderDragon engine is on test on both Android & iOS gadgets.


You can find unrepeatable illuminating blocks in the new version of the game. The froglight presents itself as a cube and there are various colors: green, ochre, and pearl.

The game designers have reworked the appearance of the illuminating blocks and corrected an error that provokes the cubes to rotate randomly.

Frogs still live in the swamps. These illuminating blocks can be found thanks to the frogs. You need to feed these amphibians with magma. Then, froglight will drop out of them.

Unusual Features

  • Renovation for Deep Dark.
  • The game is being prepared for the Warden add-on.
  • Sculk Shrieker detects Acoustic Sensor.
  • The developers have decreased the fear level for the spawn of the Warden.

New locations

Mojang has updated the structure of a new version of MCPE and has added fresh kinds of caves and mountain locations. Stony Peaks are the highest point among the landscapes of the MCPE. Minecrafters will spend a lot of time before they get to the top.

Goats can be found in the location, also in the landscapes separated below. As far as we can judge, with the help of these creatures, you can receive a goat’s horn.

A horn falls out of a goat if it stumbles into a solid cube.

Dripstone caves are famous for their dimensions and there are a lot of copper ores, and in Lush caves, you can find unique wonderful flora.

Bug fix

  1. The developers have solved 22 problems:
  2. They have removed a lot of glitches.
  3. Also they have corrected crashes related to minimizing the MCPE on Android devices.
  4. The developers have enhanced the application of things when splitting the display horizontally.
  5. They have changed the structures when making landscapes.
  6. TNT doesn’t disappear when a player deactivates the explosion and activates the fire spread in options.
  7. Falling blocks (Sand, Gravel) land on Snow Layer.
  8. Corrected the illumination of the Glowing Squid.
  9. Corrected disappearance of the sight.
  10. Fire is shown on the inventory display on any player view when burning.
  11. Corrected the outline of Leather Armor being highlighted on the player thumbnail.
  12. Tropical Fish Bucket name is displayed right while you are fishing.
  13. Skin installation warning is shown on the skin buying display
  14. Ravagers attack Wandering Trader
  15. Corrected the spawn of creatures with the Dispenser
  16. Shulkers are not masquerading as the same cube
  17. Shulkers prefer to masquerade as a neighboring cube before teleporting
  18. Changed the disguise of Shulkers
  19. Corrected the text screen when generating a new world
  20. Mapcreators always sell the Exploration Map – Forest Mansion
  21. Corrected the /loot command

More other corrects

The developers have tried on some more parts of a new version of MCPE. From now on the rate of exhaustion from hunger is more consistent with the Java Edition. Moreover, when they run or swim, minecrafters become hungry as they should do.

Additionally, you will configure the main hero’s depletion rate in behaviour packages.

  • Are there different colors of froglight?
    There are green, ochre, and pearl colors of this item.
  • What is the way to find a goat horn?
    A goat falls out ahorn if it stumbles into a solid cube.
  • What location is the highest?
    Stony Peaks is the highest location.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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