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Get a fresh version of Minecraft Pocket Edition with a working Xbox Live account: explore unique terrains, meet a new creature and use additional features of the app, evaluate corrected errors and much more!

The developing company has released a test version of our favoirte game on Android. They Made Copper Horn and updated Goat’s Horn. Corrected 10 errors and made 2 fresh features for version equality.

What new have they made in the fresh version of the game?

The Mojang developers tried to address a number of issues in this update of the game, including fixing some errors and adding some fresh features.


It has already become clear that the game world doesn’t stand still, it is continually being updated by the development team, who fix all the problems.

For instance, in the fresh version of the game, forests cannot be placed without supports, and creatures will not appear on the campfire anymore.

It’s now easier to create iron golems and cats inside closed rooms, for instance in underground villages.


The Minecraft team has made the long awaited Ally to this update of the game! You can only meet this new creature if you activate the experimental game mode.

Allay is a friendly creature who responds to players’ commands. He can:

  1. Collect and hold things for later use.
  2. Follow the player who gave you the thing.
  3. If you give him the things from inventory, then he will try to transfer these things to his owner.

As a rule, this is a fairly safe and useful creature.

You should always be aware of the fact that players may get stuck on one subject, especially when using the same blocks. for instance, red sand.

Blocks and items

When creatures pick up objects, they will now be attracted on the right.

Furthermore, minor corrections affected the appearance of plants and the possibilities of their placement onto blocks.

A copper horn is used to play sounds.


  • Made from 3 Copper ingots, a Goat’s Horn, and some magic
  • Recipe in the form of a “V” with goat horns in the middle.
  • It has 3 sounds: when you lift something, when you squat down, or when you perform any other action.
  • If you apply Screaming’ Goat Horn in making process, they’re not the same.
  • Activate experimental mode

Other changes include:

There are some important fixes in the fresh version of the game:

  • Corrected an error with inviting people to join the group.
  • During a fire, the trading window won’t open and villagers won’t be able to trade.
  • Shulkers can now create other shulkers using their own custom avatar


Updated Goat’s Horn.


  1. Each time you use it, a random sound is played.
  2. Fresh Sounds for Screaming Goat Horn: What new sounds would you like to.
  3. If you’re going to drop a rock, dense ice, iron ore, copper ore, emerald ore, or wood, you’ll always drop them.
  4. You must have at least one horn.
  5. If you get a goat with only one horn, there’s a small chance it might be a unicorn.
  6. Goats constantly spawn with 2 horns.

Equality with Java Edition

They have corrected two errors in Bedrock and Java.


  • Camera shakes when taking too much damage as in Java
  • Fuel cannot be used in the furnace:
  • Hellbrick.
  • Gold and Iron Nugget
  • Red and Brown Mushroom Block
  • Chorus Plant and Fruit

Fixed 10 bugs

They have corrected 10 errors.

  1. Corrected the infinite hunger bar.
  2. An evil omen is imposed upon the Captain of the Outlaw’s death.
  3. When creatures die, they don’t make any sound effects.
  4. Rejection Resistance reduces Iron Golem’s rebound after an attack.
  5. corrected the size of structural blocks when saving
  6. corrected getting stuck by monsters from maps from the Minecraft Marketplace
  7. Adjusting the button size using the “Button Size” sliders adjusts the mini-joystick size.
  8. corrected thing ejection
  9. Enhanced contrast between menu things
  10. Made a “Behavior” tab to the world creation screen

Technical Changes

Made 5 fresh features for addon development and testing purposes.

  • Is allay hostile?
    It's not harmful, but it's useless.
  • What adjustments did villagers receive?
    Villagers can't buy or sell things during a fire.
  • What is allay able to do?
    It can collect and hold things for you.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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