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If you want to download the new version of MCPE with a working Xbox Live, then you can do so by following these steps. Mojang has released a test version of MCPE on Android. The developers have added Warden and Ancient City. Also they’ve solved six critical problems in the gameplay.

What’s new in this version of the game?

Mojang programmers have fixed an issue that could cause some fragments to be damaged. The parts below y = 0 in this version of MCPE will not be damaged. However, they will be destroyed if you go above y = 0.

Nevertheless, a damaged fragment, that has been damaged before, recovers to the original state, then it means that the damage has been repaired.

Experimental features

Features are available in this update that are at the stage where they’re ready for release but are already available to the latest version of the game. These are, for instance, Goat and Copper Horns.

Interesting and unusual items that Minecrafters can explore straight away. There is an important detail that for the Copper Horn, three ingots of copper will be required, and for the Goat horn, it should be in the middle (or at least not too far from the middle).

Each goat has its own unique sound when it blows its horns. You can obtain this thing if the creature kicks the block.

Creatures mentality

They’ve also corrected some errors related to the game. Huge mobs won’t get caught on maps. They just keep moving.


A terrible blind monster was added to this version of our favorite game, but it wasn’t added until version 1.18.30, where The mob is huge and fights any alife creature around, as well as a Minecrafter.

Main Characteristics:

  1. It appears in the Deep Dark location.
  2. Vibrates when touched.
  3. It uses his sense of smell to detect weak vibrations.
  4. Moves stealthily.
  5. It’s best not to get too close to Warden or bump into him.
  6. Stealthy until he senses his prey.
  7. Waiting for a signal from the sculk screamer to attack.
  8. The louder the footsteps, the angrier the crowd.
  9. Your heart rate increases when you get angry.
  10. When angry, stands upright and growls before attacking.
  11. If you don’t piss off someone or be caught within 1 minute, you’ll be able to escape.
  12. If you launch more than one projectile within 5 seconds, the monster will get angry.
  13. Collecting loot from chests is a good way to earn experience points, but you should only use them once every five seconds.
  14. Breaks Shields on Impact.
  15. It does not drop anything when you die.
  16. It’s better to sneak around and not bother anyone than to fight.


It can be a great aide for traveling. If a player brings him something, he’ll follow you.

If Allay has any things in his pockets, then he can try to give some of them to a character. These helpful characteristics can be applied in the game at present.

New Biomes

If a Minecrafter wants the game experience to be really memorable, then the deep dark biome is the best fit for him/her.

This is one of Minecraft’s darkest spaces. To find this place, you’ll need to dig deep enough. Beware of the Warden, who lives here.

Ancient City

A forgotten structure with long-forgot treasures.


  • Generated in the deep dark places of the planet.
  • Treasure in the Chest is being under protection of acoustic sensors and Sculk shriekers.
  • Reinforced Deepslate appears.
  • Can’t be acquired in survival mode.
  • Type the command /locate ancien­t city to search for a structure.
  • Known issues.
  • It appears far beyond any Deep Dark location.
  • Waterways can break Ancient City chunks.

New Things

A boat with a chest will come in handy during your traveling. You can combine these two things into one.

The developers added this feature to the new version of MCPE so that the players could travel on water and carry their stuff with them.

Bug Fix

  1. The programmers of the studio have corrected six bugs
  2. They’ve removed a crucial error when a minecrafter gets hurt with a helmet on when falling from height.
  3. Animals and mobs do not disappear if you transfer them between the Old Console Edition and the New Console Edition.
  4. Fighting hostile creatures with repulsion resistance is less repulsive when attacking an Iron Golem.
  5. The developers have reworked the generation of End Cities
  6. The fixers have made the appearance of buttons and info for downloaded skin packs consistent across all platforms
  7. When you use the Emotion Wheel, don’t get caught when applying the item.
  • What is the way to receive a boat with a chest?
    You can make it easily: mix any boat with a Chest.
  • What item will allay pick up?
    He will pick up the same item he’s hot in the hand
  • What is the darkest biome?
    It is the Deep Dark Biome.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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