Minecraft PE apk free [Release]

Minecraft PE apk free [Release]

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Get a new version of our favorite survival cubic game where a processing Xbox Live is included. Head to the deepest dungeons to seek for the dark location and watch out of biome’s mobs.

The fresh full version of MCPE on Android has been released by the studio. They have corrected 13 errors that were found in the update, as well as the devs have added an improved Spectator Mode slider.

Spectator Mode

  • They have integrated an Experimental switch
  • Initial version
  • The gaming studio will be updated with the function

New Features in the Fresh MCPE Release

To fix the problems that were discovered earlier, the developers from gaming studio tried not only to add new locations and creatures to the new version of the cubic game but also to fix the previously found issues.

  • The object, that is not disappearing when importing worlds;
  • Part below y=0 will no more be injured,
  • After healing, creatures will not be immune to the damage that occurs usually.

New Locations

The deep dark biome is one of the most fascinating and wonderful locations in the new version of MCPE. All who choose to look into this place are welcomed by the scaring silence and full darkness greets everyone who decides to visit.

A fear and the unknown will accompany the player in his stay here, as well as feelings of fear and fear. It is best to start preparing and try not to make noise. There will be no friendly inhabitants, who are nice and kind at all.

In order to find the area, users need deep digging. If you want to visit this biome, then those who decide to go there should be extremely brave. The wall of the living world hides something that is scary and creepy.

The Deep Dark Mobs

The new version of MCPE has many different mobs have already been living in the cubic world. In addition, game designers are constantly coming up with various creatures that can diversify the game experience. Among them was Allay. Additionally, this is a friendly and harmless creature that can be useful to the minecrafter.

However, in addition to good beings, it is impossible to do without hostile ones. In the past, all minecrafters have been waiting for this character. This is The Warden. Another creature that has the unique capability of searching for a victim even in complete darkness.

Also, it lives in the Deep Dark Biome, where it is already quite uncomfortable. A vibrations search is used by The Warden to find a target. In conditions of almost complete darkness, it has no eyes. But in the case of his absence of eyes, he is not going to need them.

Bug Fix

  1. XP can’t be gathered by applying exploit with a furnances.
  2. If you teleport mobs to unloaded blocks doesn’t cause them to disappear.
  3. Your display doesn’t get black when reload RTX world.
  4. On Android, the appearance of blocks at distance has been corrected.
  5. The devs have corrected the appearance of liquid substances on Apple devices.
  6. The programmers have corrected FPS drops and freezes in MCPE’s new version.
  7. Creatures won’t appear on buttons
  8. Also the performance glitches when saving and reloading chunks multiple times were fixed, as well as performance glitches when saving and reloading them.
  9. They have removed the bug related to worlds in the new version update.
  10. In order to play The Enchanting Music achievement, the enchanting music is played correctly.
  11. On the Nintendo Switch, an online marketplace will open.
  12. After purchasing the In-game Marketplace, there is no longer unstoppable loading that has been fixed.
  • Where can a Copper Horn be found?
    The item is made with 3 copper ingots if you combine them like “V” letter and a goat horn in the center.
  • Where can a Goat Horn be found?
    The item drops every time when a goat with at least one horn rams blocks.
  • How called the Darkest place in MCPE?
    It is called “The Deep Dark”.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free [Release]
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