Minecraft PE apk free [Release]

Minecraft PE apk free [Release]

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Explore constructions with important materials, obtain froglight blocks, and much more in a new version of MCPE with a functional Xbox Live! The creators have published a new complete version of MCPE for Android, the new version. The game’s performance has been enhanced with this release. The cubic universe now functions more efficiently.

MCPE version 1.18.32 Release

Mojang Studios continues to improve the block world’s area, adding features and fixing important faults.

For a long time, players have been moaning about the game’s performance on Android. As a result, the creators published an unexpected update overnight to improve gaming on mobile devices. RenderDragon has finally been tweaked and enhanced.

Some people claim that the game’s FPS and stability have improved.

MCPE new version Structures containing important materials, odd blocks, and other items are included in the Caves and Cliffs Part 2 Update.


Each update adds new features to the creepiest and most terrifying mob that all the residents of Deep Dark Biome fear. Mojang Studios’ creators are attempting to make his visage more frightening and sophisticated.

This monster now has several new features in the new version of MCPE, such as becoming furious at anyone who touches him. This creature hunts for victims using vibrations, therefore if the player notices him approaching, it’s best to flee. You can continue going after only 60 seconds of waiting.

This beast can find a prey even in full darkness because to its special talents.


The new version’s natural terrain is rich and diversified, especially to the addition of biomes near mountains and caverns. When it comes to introducing new places, developers aim to do it as naturally as possible so that the territories blend in with the existing game world.

When it comes to mountain architecture, Stony peaks rise above the rest. There are horned goats on this biome’s region, which might be valuable to players.

A goat must crash with a hard block to obtain the horn.

The Dripstone caverns are a good place to look for supplies. There’s a lot of copper ore and a lot of other stuff.

There is a lot of bizarre flora in the Lush Caves.

New blocks

The new version of MCPE has these odd lighting bricks. The froglight has no functional utility but is a lovely decorative block. It comes in a variety of colors, including green, ochre, and purple.

The shimmering blocks became much more appealing once the textures were updated.

Swamp biomes of the game environment are inhabited by amphibians, frogs, and tadpoles. You may make a froglight with the aid of frogs. To obtain the block, you’ll need to feed the monster magma at first.

Other improvements

The new version updates allowed Mojang’s developers to make changes to the game’s gameplay. Players can now place frames on the blocks that previously caused issues.

Bugs with mobs passing through doors have been resolved.

Bug Fix

Only one problem was fixed. Continue reading: Minecraft performance on Android has been improved.

  • Where to find a Froglight?
    You should to feed a frog with lava to receive a froglight.
  • What is the color spectre available for a Froglight?
    A froglight’s colors are ochre, green and purple.
  • What is the highest location?
    Stony Peaks are the highest points.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free [Release]
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