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Get the latest version of MCPE, version, with an active Xbox Live account: Find blocks and mud block bricks in the Mangrove Swamp!

Mojang has released a test version of the survival cube game on Android. Mangroves were added to the game, and 25 changes were made. They’ve also fixed 21 bugs.

What is new in the latest version of Minecraft?

For all Minecraft Pocket Edition enthusiasts, Mojang has published a fantastic update.

Players can now encounter a horrible creature in the Deep Dark biome. He’s called “The Warden”.

He’s so scary that even his name makes people afraid.

If you find out about his skills, then no one will be indifferent.

Mangrove Swamps

In the new edition of Minecraft, players may now visit the Mangrove Swamp.

It is a new biomes in which you can find unique blocks and trees.

Mangroves are lovely habitats for mangrove trees.

Mud, mud blocks (or bricks), and packed mud can all be found here.

Recipes for crafting items have been added.

  • The development team has made walking and diving into blocks easier.
  • Mud Block.
  • They’ve added sounds as well.
  • An upgrade option has been introduced by the coders.
  • Sealed mud.

A new biome with mangroves and offshoots. Its blocks:

  1. Mangrove Roots.
  2. Dirty Mangrove Roots.
  3. Mangrove wood.
  4. Planks from the new batch.
  5. Mangrove leaves.

Terrible horror

There are many skills in The Warden’s arsenal, thanks to which almost every victim will be killed by him.

The frightening monster moves in the new version of the video game thanks to vibrations.

By the way, the beast has a keen sense of smell, which The Warden uses to track down his prey.

Beware if you see him sniffling.

Ancient towns and deep dark biomes are home to these creatures.

They may not appear to be significant at first look, but everyone should be aware of them.

Because they’re always somewhere below ground.

When they hear screams, The Warden will definitely come out.

Even if the player is aware that a scary monster is close, it is preferable not to engage in combat with him.

You don’t need to do anything special to get the Warden to go back underground. Just wait for 60 seconds and he’ll be gone.


  • It doesn’t get mad at himself or at inanimate objects.
  • New noises of rage, death, and destruction have been added.
  • Mobs that depart keep their rage.


  • Sounds have been added by Mojang.
  • Without a goal, it travels more slowly.
  • The developers have increased its radius.

New experiences

With the new update of Minecraft PE, players won’t just face a dangerous enemy, they’ll also experience a lot of exciting adventures.

Abandoned buildings are scattered throughout the Ancient City biome. They contain many unique items.

But the hero must be very careful because the treasure is guarded.

New experimental features

  • The team of developers has changed the Wild Update
  • You don’t need to turn on the Wild Update slider anymore.
  • Popup messages added by programmers.
  • They’ve also Added tooltips to help explain why we’re doing things.


  • The darkness effect has a black fog like the Blindess consequence.
  • They’ve modified the settings to reduce the brightness of the darkness effect.
  • When the “fog _start” option is set to a negative value, fog is formed near players.
  • The fog evolves throughout time.
  • Parrots mimic their warden.
  • The look of the Cooking Rack has been enhanced.

Error correction

Apart from these fantastic new features, Mojang has also repaired a number of issues, making Minecraft even better than before.

An acoustic sensor reacts to:

  1. There are more types of vibrations available.
  2. In the waters, a crouching player.
  3. The player is about to plunge into lava.
  4. Objects that fall.
  5. Chests are opened and closed.
  6. Candles should be set up, lit, then extinguished..
  7. Players who eat and drink.
  8. The goat’s horn is heard.
  9. The Big Hardwoods’ Movements.
  10. A sneak attack by a player throwing an object at an acoustic sensor is ignored.
  11. When frogs consume mobs, they don’t squawk.
  12. When Wandering Trader gains or loses invisibility, he makes noises.
  13. You can name the Wandering Trader with a tag.

Bug Fix

Twenty-one bugs have been fixed by testers;

  1. Even if you’re holding an item in your inventory, Allay allows you to bind and rename it.
  2. Vibrations cause the Warden to respond.
  3. Sound blocks elicit a response from Allay.
  4. The right hand of the Warden begins to glow once again.
  5. Badlands is not a crushing game.
  6. Touch control is fixed.
  7.  Shoulder parrots don’t always gaze at the player.
  8. If the player has enough time to lie down on their bed, they won’t take any damage when they fall off the bed.
  9. The spitting of the tiny Llamas has been resolved.
  10. The Bell is not connected to the fence or the wall.
  11. Trident, Bow, Spying Glasses, Crossbow, and Shields are displayed in the Fox’s hands or in the Spyglass’ mouth.
  12. Spider and Wolf’s limbs have been repaired.
  13. The hands in the armor rack are now properly positioned.
  14. End Portals display better when they’re not side textures.
  15. They’ve improved the texture of the Mycelium rods and End Rods.
  16. The developers also have fixed Ender Crystals rays.
  17. Wandering Trader.
  18. Opens and closes doors.
  19. Random movements.
  20. Drinking has a similar ring to it as Java.
  21. Thunderbolt was hit by lightning, which was fixed.
  22. Villagers on horseback do not sleep on the Bed.

Technical Changes

For addon testing and development, the programmers performed a total of 25 technical modifications.

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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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