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Minecraft for Android has been published as a test version by the devs. Recovery Compass was added, 7 modifications were done, and 20 problems were repaired. There is some information concerning observer mode. Visit a mystery environment, form a relationship with Allay, or battle monsters in the new version of MCPE with a functional Xbox Live.

What does the new Wild Update have to offer?

Mojang Studios’ staff have repaired the most amount of bugs from previous versions in this add-on. This will contribute to the cubic world being even more intriguing and thrilling.

Mangrove Swamps is a new fascinating biome accessible to users in the fresh renovation. This is a mystery location where the player will undoubtedly have intriguing and entertaining adventures.

Weird Thing

Mojang’s creators have chosen to enslave all MCPE lovers. Mangrove Swamps, a highly intriguing and perplexing habitat, is now available to users with this update.

This area is densely forested, with thickets and tree roots intersecting the player’s route. And who knows what strange or fantastic species could be lurking in the dark marsh waters?

New Blocks

The swamp habitat is forever connected with a lot of muck squelching beneath the traveler’s feet. In the fresh MCPE version, mud blocks and clay bricks have been included.

Characteristic noises will be heard if the player steps on them, creating an impression of total immersion in a different universe.

New Creatures

The friendly mob Allay received several improvements in the new version of the game. It will now have its own sound effects. Only if Allay has an item may it be named or connected.

By the way, the engineers solved an issue that allowed Allay to be unaware that music was being played.

Sculk Sensors’ capabilities have been enhanced, and they can now detect more vibrations. Even when the player attempts to sneak up on them from above or in the water, they detect everything.


  1. Damage animation has been added.
  2. Bugs with the creature model have been fixed.
  3. In a fit of rage, players are attacked instead of monsters.
  4. Increased the “sniffing” radius and increased the environment’s responsiveness.
  5. The player is not affected by the Darkness Effect when a creature spawns in creative mode.
  6. The Piston is no longer pushed by Reinforced Deepslate.
  7. New sounds have been added to Froglight and Frog Spawn.

Goat Horn

  • It is instantly audible
  • The Outlaw Outpost is where you’ll find it.

Bug Fix

In the update, the developers introduced the ability to alter the impact of darkness to the settings. The player may now alter the screen’s darkness independently.

  1. Skulk Screamer.
  2. Particles are fixed when activated.
  3. Red Dust activation has no effect on the unit.
  4. When enabled, running away won’t protect a user from the Warden.
  5. In Peace Mode, no attempt is made to call a Warden.

Removed the Copper Horn

  1. Players will be able to alter things in the quick access panel while using Touch Control on boats.
  2. Every second, Allay recovers 2 health.
  3. Players will receive four blocks when making Mud Bricks.
  4. Clicking on the top of the screen activates the new world creation button.
  5. Mixing of chunks has improved.
  6. When the player stands in the lava cauldron in creative mode, the fire motion has been fixed.
  7. On replaceable blocks, gravity blocks fall appropriately (grass, etc.)
  8. Slabs may be arranged in an unlimited number of ways.
  9. The parameters of charmed objects in the inventory are now displayed correctly.
  10. The functioning of copied Command Blocks has been improved.

Tech Part

5 technical modifications for addon development and testing have been included.

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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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