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Explore Mangrove Swamps, attempt to grow anything on them, and beware of The Warden in the new version of MCPE with a functional Xbox Live. For Android, a test version of MCPE was released. A Spectator Mode choice was introduced, as well as Music Record 5, 12 changes, and 29 problems were repaired.

What’s new in this version of MCPE?

The devs of gaming studio attempted to solve a number of minor flaws that caused the minecrafter annoyance in the latest version of MCPE.\

There is now a popup hint when dealing with Allay: Give the thing away. Several adjustments have had an impact on the audio part of the MCPE.

A new soundtrack, for example, has been introduced, and frogs now have more diverse noises.

Most significantly, minecrafters will now be able to locate shards of the echo in the Ancient City’s chests.

Mangrove swamps

Because this new biome was only recently added to the game, the devs are attempting to make as many modifications as possible to its design and usefulness.

Plants and seedlings may be planted in this location in the new version of the game, and mangrove tree sprouts can be used for composting.

By the way, these trees’ roots will now be formed even if there is a covering of snow on top of them.

The Warden

Almost every update brings all new features to this long-awaited mob. He has a new type of attack called Sonic Boom in the new version of the game.

It uses it in ranged combat and it is harmful since it throws the target off. By the way, everyone who touches this violent monster now makes it angry.

And now that he can be pushed by any crowd, the frightening creature becomes much more menacing.

Spectator Mode

  • An experimental switch has been added.
  • The project is still under progress.
  • Mobs do not flee from minecrafters.
  • he Stretch Sensor is not activated.

Musical Plate 5

  • An updated piece of music has been added.
  • It’s made up of 9 Record 5 fragments.
  • Ancient City Chests seldom contain fragments.

Equality (versions)

5 adjustments were done to bring Bedrock up to Java’s edition.

Mangrove Leaves’ look has been updated.

The blast protection of Sculk Catalyst and Sculk Shrieker has been improved.

The Shulker Spawn has been corrected.

Shulkers have developed fire resistance and are correctly seated in cars.

Changes, enhancements and improvements

In new version of MCPE, all clay brick things at the moment have a more uniform shape. Update on the Wild. Illagers can at present travel between communities and reside in them for extended periods of time.

The devs reinforced the deep shale structure in such a manner that the Ancient City’s core created a rectangle with the necessary shape.

There have been 12 modifications made. The meanest:

  1. Warden’s sonic assault has been improved.
  2. Throws the target back in the correct direction.
  3. Instead of 30 dmg, just 10 is dealt.
  4. The cooldown time has been cut in half, from five to two secs.
  5. Armor and shields are not impervious to dmg.
  6. When a minecrafter dies, a new message shows in chat.
  7. When a Warden dies, a Sculk Catalyst is dropped.
  8. A new Allay’s roll sound has been added.
  9. The gushing water smashes the frogspawn.
  10. The /loot command from now on has a substitute entity parameter.
  11. With the regular usage of missiles, the Warden’s rage rises.
  12. Responds to projectiles such as arrows.

Fix List

  1. The Warden responds to all projectiles accurately. It is enraged by all crashing mobs.
  2. Sculk block noises have been improved.
  3. The Sculk Shocker, Acoustic Sensor, and Sculk Catalyst are not pushed by Piston.
  4. Block tendrils do not have acoustic sensor crackling animations.
  5. It is impossible to keep fertilizing mangroves permanently.
  6. Blocks do not develop on top of mangrove trees. Leaves do not vanish from the woods and boards.
  7. In Mangrove foliage, wood appears as it should.
  8. Mangrove Swamp blocks are prone to catching fire.
  9. Bone Dust may be used to cultivate tree seedlings in a Mud Block.
  10. The leaves of the trees being chopped using scissors.
  11. The woods are used to make smokestacks and bonfires in many shapes and sizes.
  12. Allay’s things are layered on top of the current stack.
  13. When moving, the touch control buttons were corrected.
  14. On RTX worlds, the sun’s position is updated.
  15. Hay bales may at present time be used to breed Trader Llamas, and they will vanish once released.
  16. When dealing with a Villager who traded with a disconnected minecrafter, the game will crash.
  17. In Villages, Minecraft does not crash on iOS.
  18. The field for “Server Selection” is not at the middle at the moment.
  19. With the Absorption effect, big-dmg dmg reduction has been corrected.
  20. Froglight has been properly broken and displayed on the map.
  21. Frogs’ orientation is improved because to mud blocks.
  22. I haven’t yet fallen into them.

Changes in technology

For add-on development and testing, 7 technical changes were made.

  • How is dangerous the Warden's new attack?
    It is very dangerous — the Warden pushes the opponent and attacks at distance.
  • What possibilities did the villagers receive?
    From now on these guys can move between villages and stay there.
  • Where can i apply Mangrove trees' sprouts?
    You can do composting.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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