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Get a new version of MCPE with a functional Xbox Live: fight a terrifying creature and explore a new biome. A test version of MCPE on Android has been released. Spectator Mode was updated in the update, along with 22 other modifications and three for version matching. 31 bugs were corrected.

What’s new in this fresh version of MCPE?

With great pride, the developers of Mojang Studios present to all new version’s minecrafters a new viewer mode. While this feature is still under development, it is already available to gamers.

The devs have fixed a problem in this method that caused mobs to flee away from observers. In this setting, Tripwire traps will not be activated.

Moreover, several issues that stopped the program from functioning properly have been rectified. For instance, in RTX worlds, the sun will be adjusted again.

Mangrove swamps

The new biome has already gained a lot of popularity among the new version players. This area is surrounded by swamps and mud. There is a lot of interesting vegetation and mangrove plants in the area.

It is the flora that are the major characteristic of this location. From all of the trees that grow here, the developers have included the ability to make bonfires and smokehouses.

Non-mangrove tree seedlings can be grown into full-fledged plants if they are first crushed in mud. Also, using scissors, the heroes will be able to pick leaves from them.

  • Mangrove Sprouts are pollinated by bees.
  • Hacked Mangrove Wood is used to make mangrove boards.
  • In the creative inventory, mangrove blocks are displayed alongside other types of wood.
  • Mangrove roots have been removed from the Wood portion.
  • Mangrove roots catch fire.

Spectator Mode

  1. Spectator Mode has received 12 updates.
  2. A new form of data input has been added.
  3. Unable to attack.
  4. Cannot construct.
  5. Items cannot be discarded or used.
  6. Inventory cannot be accessed.
  7. Cannot engage with the outside world through input.
  8. Chests and other vaults are inaccessible.
  9. Slow flying when entering ground mode has been corrected.
  10. Walkthrough barriers and flying have been added.
  11. When the player enters mode, they can no longer ride, use items, sleep, or hover.
  12. A crash is not caused by double leaping.


All the gamers have been waiting for this frightening mob with no eyes to locate a victim owing to vibrations. Of course, with each update, the developers try to change or complicate the process of interacting with this monster.

The long-range assault capabilities have been altered in the new version of MCPE. Despite the fact that Warden’s damage is lowered, the monster will recover considerably faster.

The hero will obtain a Sculk Catalyst if he defeats this construct. This will be aided by the fact that you can use any projectiles to distract the monster; arrows are not required.

  1. Every 6 seconds, darkness is created by it.
  2. Only mobs are attacked by it.
  3. Identifies sound waves from the Sculk Shrieker’s.
  4. After sniffing the nearest group, he investigates it.
  5. The maximal collected fury or the rage on goal determines the heartbeat.
  6. The sonic shock textures have been updated.

Acoustic sensor

  1. When struck by Wool or Carpet, the projectile does not vibrate.
  2. When staring at a tamed monster, the player does not produce vibration.
  3. Boat movement is detected.
  4. Splashes from a Boat on a Bubble Pillar are detected.
  5. It can flood.
  6. Blocks on the underside are supported.
  7. A player squatting on another Acoustic Sensor is not detected.
  8. The torch isn’t held up to the Bell.

Added new achievements

  • The Furnace will not accept mangrove roots as fuel.
  • Wagons with Chest, Dynamite, Funnel, and Boat and Chest are solid items that drop off.

Bug Fix

The devs have solved a lot of problems in the game. They’ve corrected many errors and MCPE has become more stable.

Ancient Cities

  1. Water or lava are less likely to overwhelm the area.
  2. Multicolored lines surrounding light sources are not created by the darkness effect.
  3. The darkness effect does not vanish overnight.
  4. The Warden will emerge even if an active Sculk Shriker is destroyed.
  5. The Ancient City does not develop structural voids with Sculk veins on the margins.
  6. The trap in the heart of the Ancient City is activated once more.

Mud blocks

  1. When gravity blocks are dropped on mud blocks, they break.
  2. Earth’s change into Mud makes splash sounds.
  3. In the creative inventory, mud bricks are adjacent to Earth.
  4. When two Mud Slabs are united into a whole block, they emit a sound.


  1. Drops, such as from a Cow or a Goat.
  2. When Tadpoles are damaged, the sound loudness is increased.
  3. The sound of tadpoles developing has been amplified.
  4. Keeper is no longer enraged, and Sphere of Experience is no longer a target.
  5. In the Nether World, Endermen, Piglins, Skeletons, and Skeletal Desiccators appear in a broader spectrum of illumination.
  6. On top of Glass, the Leash does not appear.
  7. Mobs do not become trapped in open trapdoors.
  8. When fighting players wearing armor with the “Spikes” enchantment, a problem was solved.
  9. Glitches in split-screen mode have been fixed.
  10. After excavating, the Warden does not jump.

Changes in technology

7 technical modifications for add-on development and testing have been included.

  • How to treat non-double trees' seeds to get full-fledged trees?
    You have to grind in mud.
  • What will the warden drop if i kill him?
    A Sculk Catalyst.
  • Is there a new mode in MCPE
    The Spectator Mode.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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