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Explore all the possibilities of the new redesigned spectator game mode, and additional mob attributes or embark on an adventure through the mangroves with the Wild Update and a functional Xbox Live. New version of MCPE for Android has been launched as a beta test. Five main and two technical changes were introduced in this release, while eight problems were fixed.

What makes new MCPE version so unique?

The last update to the game decreases the minecrafter’s usefulness in Spectator mode, improves frog animation, and modifies Warden capabilities.

Spectator Mode

Mojang Studios’ programmers have tweaked the new viewer mode’s functionality, which is still in beta mode in the fresh version of the game and subject to change. The function may alter significantly in the future, according to studios’ creators.

Some problems in Spectator Mode have been resolved in this fresh update. To put it another way, the Spectator loses the functionality that the first-person game mode has.

He can’t fight, create, interact with inventory items, utilize commands, fly, or ride any more. The Spectator has completed his observation.

Sculk Sensor

When the bullet hits Wool or Carpet, it does not vibrate. Its bottom can be used as a block support. The Sculk Sensor is more aware of munition.

It may be deactivated by filling it with water in the new MCPE version.

It also reacts to the removal of earthen blocks. The minecrafter seated next to you will not trigger the sensor.


An innovative ecosystem has suddenly arisen in the square universe, and it has quickly gained popularity. Mangroves are a fascinating and unknown area that is attracting an increasing number of new version’s players.

The authors couldn’t neglect several points in this place in this update, therefore they rectified them. Bees, for instance, may now fertilize shoot cuttings. And, since everyone realizes, this always speeds up plant development.

Minecrafters can also manufacture boards from the trees that grow in this location. It’s also worth noting that mangrove tree roots are readily lit, but they can no longer be utilized as fuel in the furnace.


With upgraded Sound Attack graphics, the most dependable Mob defending Ancient towns in the Dark Depths is introduced to Minecraft PE users. Every Six secs, it now exudes darkness.

It is only enraged by creatures and is still affected by the Sculk Shrieker’s noises.

The Warden only assaults living animals, and his heartbeat is controlled by his rage. He no longer leaps when it appears.

Innovative Features

In the fresh release of MCPE, the authors did not forget about the residents of the Lower World. Since the range of light levels at which piglins, endermen, and skeletons can appear has been expanded, heroes are now more likely to encounter them.

Everyone’s favorite and such a harmless horde, Allay, did not go undetected. When he is on a leash, he will not stop since the thing is too far away.

Bells can no longer be lit with torches. When demolished, trolleys carrying chests, funnels, and dynamite fall out as a single unit, not as distinct pieces.

Also, in the version of the game, you may now make mangrove boards out of hewn mangrove logs.


Cows and goats both lose experience from frogs. When tadpoles are injured, they make a lot of noise. They have a fresh growing sound as well.

Endermen, Piglins, Skeletons, and Wither Skeletons spawn in the Lower World under various illumination conditions.

In the fresh version of MCBE, mobs are better at navigating open hatches.

More Changes

There have been five additions. More information:

  1. Allay does not travel with a minecrafter to the Nether World.
  2. The mob can become caught in blocks and perish upon shifting dimensions.
  3. A solution is being developed by developers.
  4. Sculk does not spread through fire or soulfire.
  5. Minecraft’s movement has been improved.
  6. An option to adjust the length of alerts has been implemented.
  7. Improved Android device stability

Bug Fix

8 bugs were fixed. The meanest:

  1. Sculk Shrieker that is placed by has got a cooldown between activations.
  2. Also the devs have fixed crashes caused by mobs becoming trapped in hatches.
  3. When mined with the Silk Touch effect, Sculk Shrieker and Acoustic Sensor do not drop experience.
  4. Mangrove tree development was stopped at values below Y=0.
  5. On Android, the graphical distortion was corrected.
  6. Applying Emotions many times does not result in crashes.
  7. Glitches in the depiction of biomes have been corrected.
  8. Fixed item stacking in one stack
  9. Reinforced Deep Shale’s destruction time has been extended.
  10. The time it takes to destroy anything is independent of the instrument.

Changes in technology

Two technical modifications for add-on development and testing have been included. The cloning of command blocks has been corrected.

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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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