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Minecraft PE apk free

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New version of MCPE with the new Xbox Live update, players may go on a journey through an astonishing, infinite universe full with great experiences.

New version of the game on Android has been published as a beta release. This edition included nine software patches and one process innovations.

What’s new in the fresh version?

Development team’ programmers have thrilled users with a new version that focuses on removing errors and problems. The game experience has now been improved and made more pleasant and user-friendly.

The universe of MCPE is vast and contains several components, each of which is critical to the smooth functioning of the whole square globe.

The authors have enhanced the game’s efficiency and also the graphics and provides a clear graphics in this edition.


Numerous people have adored this really famous creature, that may be a terrific helper to the protagonist on his adventures. Authors aim to improve its functioning with each release.

From now on, in the fresh MCPE version, the ability to teleport to the Lower World using Allay is temporarily removed. This happened because a mistake happened throughout the procedure, and the organism was in danger of dying.

The authors are working hard to resolve the issue. When it’s fixed, gamers will be able to walk across the square universe with a loyal friend once more.


A strange and fascinating location has just arisen in the square environment, attracting the interest of all players. As a result, the creators are helping to build this a more appealing study site.

Mangrove plants have been repaired in the new version of the game, and their growing would then proceed appropriately in any orientation.

Bug fix

  1. Upon unplugging controller from boot screen, added “Lost connection to controller” message
  2. Sculk Catalyst and Sculk Shrieker revenue grew.
  3. In the Ancient City and Deep Dark, sculk locations are more abundant.
  4. The Deep Dark biome and Sculk blocks are generated independently of the world’s level.
  5. When things are moved to the dark section of the screen in the Workbench, Furnace, and other blocks, they are discarded.
  6. In-game marketplace
  7. Glitches in the desire list were corrected.
  8. The rating asterisks are properly filled.
  9. Uploads in MCPE do not pause.
  10. Users may construct worlds by using templates.

Changes in Technology

  • For add-on development and testing, one technical modification was made.
  • The devs have solved a bug in Minecraft that caused substantial visual failures in the game. This occurred when the participants displayed the same feelings many times.
  • Is there an opportunity to get to the lower world with allay for a gamer?
    This functionality is currently disabled.
  • Are there new locations in the new MCPE version?
    Yes, there are. The game has got mangrove swamps.
  • What graphics components glitches have also been fixed in this game version?
     When employing emotions numerous times, the issue was solved.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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