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Install a new version of MCPE Wild Update with an active Xbox Live account to keep up with new summoning eggs and seek out new swamp dwellers, discover the Dark Depths’ landscape, utilize Sculk bricks, and watch out for Warden.

What’s new in the new version of MCPE?

For Android smartphones, a current test release of the innovative MCPE version has been published. Development’s group has made several adjustments to the playability as well as adding new chips to the game.

Game Studios’ creators totally shocked all players once again by releasing a pretty significant upgrade that altered practically every area of the gameplay, from the enhanced spectator feature and better playability to the emergence of denizens of mangrove swamps.

This terrain has risen in popularity in latest releases of the new version of MCPE. Particularly pleasing is the presence of a new motion control. Gamers will leap indefinitely owing to him; all they have to do is hold the jump button down all the time.

It will make it easier to climb safely from the scaffolding’s highest peak.


In this version of MCPE, several creatures have gotten new abilities and capabilities. To begin with, the Warden may now cross magma and water. With every hit, this monster’s rage will increase.

Warden is constantly improved by the new version of MCPE. His abilities have grown even more: he is no longer terrified of magma or water, and he can securely plunge into both.

He vanishes and loses video and audio animation when submerged in water or any other substance.

He won’t be try to force a gamer as hard as he used to when he’s mining. His abilities have grown even more powerful: each assault raises his wrath by 100 points.

Throughout this update, users will be able to see tadpoles change into various creatures in various ecosystems. In Deep Dark, it will be a Cold Frog, while in Stony Peak and Meadow, it will be a Temperate Frog.

When goats fight mangroves, their horns are lost. This has been addressed. Gamers accessing the Inventory will be able to see the new summoning egg that Trader Llama obtained. Additionally, the identification of this beast will indeed be shown correctly.

Spectator Mode

The new MCPE version gamer may now breathe everywhere in Spectator Mode. He won’t be able to pull the trigger on the piston.

In this condition, the sleeping restrictions no longer apply to the gamer. He is deafeningly deaf Hitting missiles, on the other hand, don’t really harm him.

This feature, which debuted previously, is becoming increasingly innovative and fascinating. Users will be able to breathe both on ground and undersea in the fresh version of MCPE. In addition, the user will be unaffected by the sleeping rule.

This occurs when the gamer enters this option and the sleeping clock ceases to warn him. It’s worth mentioning that when the viewer moves, there will be no footsteps, splashes of water, or other sounds.

It is indeed important to mention that those in spectator mode has no effect on the person’s appetite.

Java Edition

The fresh version’s devs have repaired and introduced various details to make it more identical to the Java edition of the game.

When animals take on armour and other equipment, they get some special animations. When they cross through the Nether portal, they apparently emerge more properly.

When you mix basic structure with water, they will deteriorate.

The representation of water has been improved.

Allay does have a narrower searching area of items, equivalent to 32 instead of 64 as previously. When a gamer damages a boat or a trolley with a chest, Piglins grow outraged.

Blocks of Sculk

In this upgrade, there are multiple varieties of this object group. Sculk-Shriekers have improved in the current update, owing to problem corrections.

Sculk – Sculk is edge radius by Catalyst via dirt and filthy mangrove plants.

  • What New Capabilities Does Warden Get in the New Version?
    He nowadays can walk across magma and water, but every hit increases his anger.
  • What Is the List of New Functions in the Fresh Version of MCPE?
    The devs have added a Spectator Mode.
  • Are There Any Upgrades in the Mangrove Swamps?
    Throughout this biosphere, people appeared.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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