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Minecraft PE apk free

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The following are details about the MCPE Beta:

  • Most work-in-progress editions might be problematic and will not reflect the performance of the overall release.
  • MCPE Preview may be downloaded for Xbox One, and apple devices. Further details are available at special website.
  • The Android version of the beta is now released on Google Play. For comprehensive details on how to enter or quit the beta, go to the special website.

Below is a rundown of what’s fresh in the Beta last week! Please continue to look for and identify any problems you uncover at the special website, as well as offer us valuable comments.

Improvements & Hotfixes


Allays’ possessions from now on shine in the darkness.


  • For splitting particles, Mangrove Signs from now on utilize Mangrove Plank visuals.
  • The Mangrove Propagule is from now on randomly located.
  • Mangrove roots are from now on connected by metal bars & glass.


Deep Dark


The Nether & End worlds from now on have the Darkness influence.

Powder and Lava Snow mists have from now on surpassed The dark & blind spells mists in importance.

Sculk Shrieker

It finds gamers on all the animals you can ride, among other things as well.

Game experience

  • When a missile of any kind hits the bell, it from now on sounds.
  • When projectiles strike the Amethyst block, a hitting audio is from now on emitted.
  • Repaired bottles can’t be used on the liquid, and boats can’t be parked on the water surface.


The injured effect of the Warden doesn’t transform between Bedrock Version and Java Version any more.


If there existed bedrock at y=0, an issue where below-zero enviroment was mistakenly destroyed on level load on some flat levels was corrected.

User-experience Design

For ease of access preferences, a mistake in the message period title was corrected.

Mangrove Biomes

Mangrove biome have been made denser to better fit the Java Version.

Nevertheless, more effort has to be done to enhance the population of mangrove woods in the ocean.

Dirt blocks have been added to Grass blocks in Mangrove biome.


  • The problem that made domesticated creatures to vanish when they passed through a Nether portal in a cooperative environment has been corrected.
  • Fish HP scores for all kinds was remade to three to fit the Java Version.
  • Slime generation function was broken, interfering Slimes from generation in Swamp ecoregions which were Slime chunks as well.

Wandering Trader

A problem that stopped Trader Llamas from being violent against things fighting the Wandering Trader has been corrected.


When opening the Coin Starter Bundle Window, MCPE anymore freezes.

Parity of Vanilla

On a hit, the Shulker projectile from now on adds the effect “Levitation” rather than “Levitation II.”

Elements of Technology Upgrades

If the user of the “minecraft:angry” feature didn’t have a victim, there had been a bug that prevented them from broadcasting their fury to their friends. If a monster with this element has no objective and the element’s “filters” table is unfilled, the monster can now become furious.


When a monster’s HP is outside the creature’s limitations, it can from now on be hit by a projectile.

Elements of Experimental

Characteristics of Actors

Modify the ‘values’ element with the ‘range’ element, that only accepts JSON kinds that are arrays. For actor properties, a necessary ‘type’ JSON field was implemented, with the parameters ‘int’, ‘float’, ‘bool’, and ‘enum’ as supported parameters. The type specified in the new ‘type’ field should reflect the structure’s ‘default’ and ‘range’ criteria.

Main changes

  1. Blocks that absorb illumination (structure illumination absorption) The parameter sixteen element anymore fails to load.
  2. ‘minecraft:ticking’ has been modified to’minecraft:queued ticking.’
  3. The parameter ‘range’ in the’minecraft:ticking’ element was reworked to ‘interval range,’ that from now on refers to ticks instead of secs.
  4. The combustible element fields flame values & burn values was remade to catch chance modifier and destroy chance modifier, respectively.
  5. Introduced the opportunity to define the preset combustible or noncombustible parameters for the block combustible element applying booleans.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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