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Mojang Studio has revealed new information about our favorite cube game! I suggest you check new features and improvements that the developers have made recently. Be sure, they will raise enough interest because they have tried to “meditate” on mobs, Allay operating and solved some technical issues related to game controls, game processing as well as playability.

General Information

These draft releases don’t always accurately reflect the quality of the end product and can be problematic. Apple devices, PCs, and Xbox all support Minecraft Trial. Android is capable of running the beta.

The new features from this week’s Beta are listed below!

New functionality

Okay, the programmers of the studio have tried not only to add something new to the game, but also to repair some details that have gone wrong. That’s why you can get acquainted with the list of additions and also errors corrections.


Since there is no experimental material present, the Vanilla Experiment toggle has been deleted. The Wild Experiment toggle was taken away since there are no experimental materials present.


They have solved an issue where, in worlds prior version, an empty Trader Llama Spawn Egg would show up in the Creative menu.


The studio’s programmers have increased allay duplication cooldown, more precisely, have doubled. There is a five-minute cooldown on allay duplication (from two and a half minutes).

Stable and function

The devs have solved a problem that occurred when Mob Spawners were given an incorrect entity.


The right d-pad button on the motion controllers was patched to not function when the d-pad region overlapped the hotbar zone. Before some players reported that on a phone, the right button was disabled. When they pushed the right button, it punched rather than going to the right, which prevented me from moving. To tell the truth, only mobile devices are affected by this flaw.

New commands

The world is frozen until an error is issued or the desired land is identified if it cannot be instantly located because it is in another dimension, is far away, or for some other reason.

Try the biosystem mushroom_island_shore, which is not found on any planets.

Also guys from Mojang have enhanced the functionality of the locate ecosystem command to lessen server pauses while looking for a remote location.

How to replicate:

  • To find a certain location with specific nature that is not in your current dimension, create a command.
  • Try breaking blocks and placing blocks (until an error message appears).

Observable result:

The planet freezes while you look for a biosystem.

Anticipated results:

If the search for the ecosystem is instant, the world won’t stop while it’s being done.


To sum up, the studio’s developers have done a good job to make Minecraft more stable and playable. New content also pleases fans of the game despite the fact that it is a minor update and there is not so much content. However, it refreshes our favorite sandbox and is another step to a big upgrade that the developers promise to release soon!

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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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