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Minecraft PE apk free

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Mojang has introduced a new release for testers where the team has improved the technical part of our favorite cube game. To be more detailed, this version is not full, so it won’t work perfectly as the final edition will do. The preview is playable on consoles, smartphones and PC.

Corrections & New Functionality

New blocks

As some gamers have reported, ordinary pit fires can as of now not be stacked. Henceforth, Open air fires can indeed be stacked accurately.\

New Things

They claimed that when You break a piston’s arm, its item form does not descend, and bows are unable to discharge arrows in creative mode when you first acquire them from the creative inventory. Corrected an issue in which Pistons did not always drop the Piston object when broken by the arm. Corrected an issue that caused Bows to fail to fire an arrow the first time they have been used; it also impacted Crossbows and throwing Tridents.


There have been 2 errors. With Ray Tracing, some emissive blocks have erroneous point lights. With Ray Tracing, the point lights in Ancient Cities are wrong. Bare in mind: They have to permanently rollback the patch for the problem, which might cause the graphics to turn pink after playing for lengthy periods of time on a server, due to an unforeseen breaking bug.

This indicates that the problem will likely keep happening until we find a solution. Bless you for your patience as they work on this critical issue; we aim to have it completed as quickly as possible!

On Pc, a problem with RTX caused point lights to be accidentally collected for emissive blocks.

Durability & function

According to several complaints, the application fails when You read a book to write or hold an egg in your arm. When exploring the Marketplace, the game doesn’t fail.

A problem caused by Spawn Eggs has been resolved.

  • Are there any changes for Mangrove Woods in this version?
    Yes, there are. Now, you can use it to craft a campfire.
  • Are there any changes for Ancient City in these version?
    You can find it in the Deep Dark ecoregion.
  • Are there any changes for Allay in these version?
    It can perform dancing and take up armour of different defense.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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