Minecraft PE 1.19.20 apk free [Release]

Minecraft PE 1.19.20 apk free [Release]

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There is a notion that variability is the key to success, so we are pleased to present a very diverse update this week. We have a lot of different surprises in store for you, for instance a lot of corrections. Let’s get it on!

Fresh Functionality

The developers refreshed start buttons’ icons on the portable consoles. That one from Japanese company made Mario. 🙂

What was transformed?

The devs made a ‘mouse scroll click’ on the Apple devices. In this version, undead monsters can break a door if you’ve activated hard difficulty (10% chance). Fresh store error sign art and messaging was integrated. Connection to an online session timeout is currently 90 secs (180 secs previously).

You can hold down Left Control again to move the pointer to the left in the menu from now on. Henceforth, you cannot spell instant effects like tipped ammunitions and potions on dead creatures and humans. At present, you can hear the soundtrack in some locations. They remade menu switches to simplify to distinguish between ‘turn on’ and ‘turn off’.

Game experience

The mob that trades was refreshed, and it will not be formed in liquid or deep structures. Corrected a mistake that caused the weapon to fail to fire the first time it was used. This also affected other fire and throwing weapons. When in Creative, a bug caused the new audio in the connected ecoregions to cease playing. Solved a problem that was preventing fishermen and settlers from requesting to purchase an item that would allow them to swim at the highest level.

The secret door leading to the Redstone chamber in the center of a well-known site is now opening and closing as it should. If bucket magma is not placed or poured into half blocks, it will not disappear. Due to a glitch, enchantments on ranged weapons on creatures were not being applied. The loudness level is modified when a creature walks on an Amethyst step chime.

Tech Part

New content is always cool but previous updates shouldn’t be forgotten because there is much to perfect.


When assaulted, polar bears are not scared any more. Frogs’ babies currently flopping on land equal the pace of other MCPE editions and fishes. Piglins will not fight if you wear something golden. Unemployed Undead Villagers may currently use items for swimming and driving. Ravager may at present kill different flora. When you release a bucketed unique creature, this generates the right sort of animal at present.

The sequence in which a bucketed monster is produced when released was corrected, so any Actor Properties on it will henceforth load appropriately. When aboard a boat, Allays may currently pick up and drop off objects for their owners. When the audio from the box ends, they appropriately stop dancing from now on. They may always pick up Scaffolding bricks that were dropped in the version. They are presently looking for targets such as footballers. When fish are placed in an isolated water block, they don’t shake.

Corrections and Stabilization

There are no issues while viewing the specified symbol. Corrected an issue in which the client state might go out of sync with the server if an item was canceled or could not be applied. Improved the find biosphere command’s efficacy to eliminate server delays while searching for a remote biosphere. Fixed an issue that may arise if associated gadgets, such as analog joysticks, were not present. Corrected an issue caused by a village settler switching professions while trading.

In the edition, if he changes professions in the middle of a transaction, the trading window will close. In this version, hour speed is appropriately enabled and disabled on specific structures. Corrected an issue that caused the HP buff to display incorrect HP numbers, making a player invisible and unable to interact with the environment after death. While trading, the village settler plays the appropriate sound based on the item in the input slot.

Skulks in several spots are now better aligned than they were in previous versions. The issue with the HP buff extra life not lasting been fixed. A issue that may occur when some mechanisms extended or retracted near moving blocks and ammo was resolved. When browsing various categories in the store on consoles, an error occurred.

A bug that might arise when teleporting and killing an entity in the same tick has been fixed. Corrected an error that prevented some items with toughness from being made from the Creative pockets.

Sculk Patches develop more commonly in some areas. Entering the portal at the specified height or below causes no harm to you. Solved a problem with incorrectly organized scores on scoreboards. Fixed an issue where fishing hooks dropped treasure when murdered with the /kill option.

  • How to change the spectator mode?
    Open the experimental menu.
  • Where Am I able to apply Mangrove log in this version?
    To make a bonfire.
  • Is it possible to die because of poisoning?
    No, it isn’t. This effect will reduce HP.
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Version: 1.19.20
OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE 1.19.20 apk free [Release]
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