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Another day — another update for our favorite cubic game! So, Mojang has released a new test, preview version and has introduced Beta that is available on all platforms (PC, smartphones and consoles).

Do not pull the cat by the tail and look through all the changes, new functionality and corrections.

New functions and problems solutions

First of all, draw your attention to the versions’ match. Some of the spectator features are still experimental but there was a lot done. For instance, the issue when cape would still be showing in the mode is solved. Henceforth, capes haven’t emerged in Spectator Mode.

The next problem, that minecrafters met during gaming sessions in the mode, is that they set on fire when they got in the lava cauldron. From now on, there is no ‘caught on fire’ animation.

Some reworks were related to blocks. Remember that structures with banners were being replaced with stone fences. Structures with banners created instead of stone fences, not just the end city. This includes the ultimate cities, mansions in the forests and villages in the savannahs. Currently, banners are generated as they should in the brand-new rendered blocks.

Well, what about game experience? Appearance of the game changes to pink when playing for a long time as some minecrafters reported. The developers noticed this issue described on forums. They said, they are grateful for the patience of the minecrafters and that they are still working on solving this problem. The developers assured that they will soon sort it out and correct everything. And the devs didn’t lie! At present, MCPE textures and interface elements do not become pink when you play for a long period on servers with many players.

Additionally, the development team corrected an error when a gamer could see inside the Top Show when diving into it with elytra.

Were visuals changed? Yes, they were! As you know, there was a bug in the form of the name tag background a little bit offset.

Ok, another theme, the size of the random teleportation cube of the Endermen has changed from a normal cube to 64x32x64, so now at Sim distance four endermen can teleport out and disappear themselves —the fact told by some forum fans. Now, the corrections were adjusted on Microsoft systems. Reduced the teleportation range of the Enderman to lower values to ensure that he cannot destroy himself when teleporting.

In this version, it is now impossible to get an outdated selection in the inventory by block sampling.

Stacks of elements are now joined together after assigning a tick threshold value.

What was also made by the devs?

  • Solved problems in the new touch controls, due to which the sprint button could not switch when stationary;
  • Integrated logic to automatically disable the spring button when the player releases the on-screen joystick;
  • integrated a missing settings button on packages on the updated New World Creation screen;
  • Integrated a new disconnect error message – “Unable to connect, please restart your client”;
  • Integrated an insert button to the command block screen;
  • Updated splash screen texts;
  • Fixed a bug where messages with non-unicode characters had incorrect spacing;
  • Fixed a bug where deleting cloud-synchronized worlds did not result in deleting the cloud version of the world when the player deleted the world locally;
  • Switch EDU: NPC names are displayed by default only when viewing them;

Tech Part

But that were little issues, and some problems related to creatures were quite serious:

For example, all sounds stutter and echo in the 7/12 update. Gamers reported that a sound happens and then pieces of the sound echo rapidly. Footsteps sound like there’s 10 footsteps happening per step, sometimes more. The change was returned to Drowned Spawning, and they reappear in warm ocean biomes to match the Java version. Fixed issues with Sony systems audio stuttering at low frame rate.

  • Are there any changes for Allay in these version?
    It can perform dancing and take up armour of different defense.
  • Are there any plants in lush caves?
    There are a lot of glowing lianas.
  • How to remote the eternal day in the Creative?
    Developers have added a day and night cycle for creative mode, so you need to wait a bit until night comes.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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