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Hello, minecrafters! Again and again Mojang pleases us with a new update. Point that it is a test beta version, so some parts of the game could operate incorrectly. The release is available on all platforms (PC, consoles and mobile devices). As the ‘Boy Next Door’ said — C’mon, let’s go!

New functionality and Corrections

“Water fog in the Spectator mode does not appear, despite the fact that it is not subject to Java fog removal.”, — some users of the community’s forums reported

The problem is solved and fog appears again in the mode.

‘Moreover, a column of water bubble with a trapdoor on top accumulated fatal damage’

Floating at the top of the open-trapdoor bubble column accumulated fall damage over a span of about a minute and results in instant death upon exit of the water. The problem is solved in the new version.

‘Iron Golems could beat users through walls’

When Minecraft struck an iron golem and went to the village house to heal, it killed them through the wall. The issue is adjusted.

‘Well, is there any new info about the game user-interface?’

The developers found and solved a problem in Pocket UI when things could be dropped in dark gray areas around a grid of items on the Crafting Table screen.

Moreover, the devs corrected an issue in the pocket user interface when things could be dropped in dark gray areas around grid things in inventory for horse, mule, donkey and llama.

They also fixed the death notification that was displayed when the Showdeathmessage setting was false.

‘Sweet berries could not be placed on agricultural land’

Henceforth, you could place the berries on farmlands.

The developers match a bubble column strength to other editions

Once again, a water bubble column with a trapdoor at the top causes irreparable harm.

Mud collision path 1 pixel too high

Agriculture and dirt path collision is excessively high, according to some forum users. Agriculture and Dirt Path are currently colliding one texel below.

“The dirt block solidified into a full block.” The block collision was not complete until release & 29, which matched the main version, according to reports.

If we accept the reports, the dirt block collision box is a complete block. Anyway, the issue has been fixed, and gamers are currently drowning in mud blocks and soul sand.

‘Swimming on clay bricks causes the surface of a clay block to fill the user’s display, giving the impression that they are inside the block’

A gamer’s computer screen will feel like a mud block when they are floating on clay bricks. The earlier version had this problem. Due to the bug’s patch, gamers swimming over clay won’t have a screen.

The dirt block on which the projectiles had fallen trembled frequently

It is not designed for projectiles like thrown tridents and arrows to drop on top of mud blocks to tremble and make their impact noises continuously.

Fish, frogs and tadpoles rotate in circles when they are on a clay block in water

Fish, frogs and tadpoles do not spin and dont have trouble finding their way around clay blocks in the fresh version.

We got to the topic of mobs or creatures. What did the devs change? Ravager currently could be hit by Evoker Fangs.

Ravager could not be dropped from the ledges by flowing water

Flowing water could not knock Ravager off the cliffs.

The ravagers could keep swimming near the very edge of the eighth flowing block of water rather than emerging from the flowing water when it pushes them there. destroys agricultural raiding robots. As they stood at the edge of moving water, ravagers continued to swim freely against the current. The Ravagers just dropped into the water stream, even if their hit boxes permitted them to fall into 2×2 holes. Ravager also has an extremely low HP. Previous Destroyers had a very odd HP that both made it more difficult to strike them and allowed them to stand amid lava without suffering damage. The creators increased the size of the Ravager Collision Field for the other editions.

In the previous edition, the Ravagers were also slower than they ought to be. Mojang upped their performance to meet other edition’s requirements.

The game crashed when using the hasitem selector several times in the same team

The game crashed when the hasitem selection was used several times in the same team. This error that could occur using the item  is fixed in the release.

  • Is there new content in this version or only bug fixes?
    This is a test beta version, so it does not reflect the full pack of changes in the final version. So, there are only corrections yet, but we’ll wait-and-see.
  • Did they solve the problem with aquatic inhabitants?
    Yes, they did. The developers corrected the issue with fish, frogs’ and tadpoles’ rotation on clay.
  • Did this version match the Java Edition?
    Yes, it did. Mojang team made a lot of work to match different versions.
OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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