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Hello there, ladies and gents! Hello once more! I’m glad you stopped by to learn about the newest version of our favorite cubic universe — MCPE. First and foremost, it should be noted that the release is available on all current platforms (PC, consoles and mobile devices). Furthermore, keep in mind that this is a beta version in testing, and some parts of the game process may not work properly.

This year Minecraft Live was only just a few days ago, but we’re all looking forward to trying out the functionalities that Agnes, Chi, and Nir mentioned during the show! That’s right, the camel, bamboo wood set, chiseled bookshelf, and hanging signs are all in last week’s MCPE Teaser, so get them whenever they’re hot! Perhaps that makes sense to spend hours a day watching a camel wiggle its ears, floating around on a bamboo raft while observing the clouds, or curling up with a good book from your chiseled bookshelf.

Or you’ll engage in a fight with a herd of melée creatures from atop the tall camel, leave secret messages for your mates to discover, and create hidden passages disguised as a harmless book collection. Me? I’m going to hang out on the Minecraft Live set until it’s taken down.

The next recent upgrade innovative switcher is now available. Assist us with tests and create new material for the next big release!

Keep in mind that worlds that have used the Experimental toggle switches are always marked as such. Authors advise you to keep these Experimental worlds separate from your primary saves.

Fresh Additions

  • Bamboo Wood base blocks have been decided to be added by the devs.
  • Recipes for Bamboo Wood types have been added by the developers.
  • Bamboo Flooring block variants have been introduced by the authors.
  • Bamboo Raft and Raft with Chest have been added by the development team.


  1. Camel base creature functionality has been introduced.
  2. The creature currently has two-seat rider features.
  3. The animals have the ability to dash at present.
  4. Also they will take a seat for a short period of time at irregular intervals.
  5. Camels can conceive in desert villages as well.
  6. Furthermore, a camel is a tall animal, and the rider is high enough in the air to avoid melee creatures.


  1. A fresh, sculpted Bookshelf modification.
  2. Made from six planks and three wooden slabs.
  3. Books, Book and Quills, and Enchanted Books can all be stored.
  4. It can hold up to six books.
  5. Keep your world’s stories and lore safe.
  6. Comparators can detect the most recently placed/removed book.
  7. Ideal for hiding secrets in your erie library.
  8. Hanging Signs have been introduced, which can be placed beneath and on the side of a block.
  9. Hanging Signs of all wood types and recipes have been introduced.
  10. Hanging signs can be hung beneath narrow blocks with center support.
  11. When writing text on a hanging sign, the user interface is unique.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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