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Meet newly added features related to the sea like hunt for treasure or shipwrecks. New free Update Aquatic on Android brings a lot of marine stuff and other interesting things to Minecraft PE.

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New Features of the Renovation

As it’s well known, the developing studio has decided to separate the Aquatic Update on 2 additions that differ, and the first one, that Mojang releases, will add new sea biomes and marine life, the second part will integrate turtles and bubble stream to the game soon.

Dug Treasures

Since the update has been released, players can stumble into buried treasures around the Overworld. Anyway, you will not see them before you haven’t dug them. But the game contains special method to find them.

Now you can loot a treasure maps in the depth of revamped seas in the new version of the game. You can easily find the buried treasure with the help of these maps.

It may seem a little bit simple and not exciting but this has its own featuring experience. Moreover, it is advised to take some shovel for seeking treasure because you will have to dig, maybe, the whole island too long and deep.

It turns out that the treasures can appear underwater, and the digging can take too much time in the fresh game version.

It depends on your luck that you can loot the whole stack of diamonds, gold ingots and iron. You can find a Heart of the Sea this way too.

Epic Shipwrecks

Another incredible addition of the update is shipwrecks! This exciting part of revamped oceans and seas will absorb into marine atmosphere. In the past, an iceberg or other cliff may be a real disaster for marines.

Now you become a real seafarer and look for treasures buried in the depths of the waters. Don’t forget to take your treasure map.

Also the update integrates to the game new items — bread, books, lapis lazuli, enchanted ones, paper and stack of other things.

To sum up, the developers have done a great job to add new features of the most exciting update of this week.


Where Can I Find Dolphins in the New Version?

It’s easy because they are generated everywhere in the oceans and seas.

How to Receive a Trindent?

Kill some Drowned and they will drop it to you.

How Can Use a Heart of the Sea?

There is no usability of the item so far.


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