Minecraft PE 1.7.0 apk free

Minecraft PE 1.7.0 apk free

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Get a new MCPE version 1.7.0. Aquatic Update for Android for free: plenty of new items, Marketplace enhancements and scoreboards and so on.

Main new features of Minecraft PE 1.7.0

This is a last part of the Aquatic Update according to the developers from Mojang Studio. The update brings a lot of impressive features to the cube game but its main one is the scoreboards.


Scoreboards was made to display particular data to you. For example, you can see your zombie kill streak in the new version 1.7.0 of MCPE.

More exciting that you can set scoreboard settings as you wish to: XP-point score, kill streak of mobs and players, even more so, you configure it to show you how much melon pieces you’ve stored in the inventory.

This full functionality is available with the /scoreboard command. Also, MCPE has got a fresh game rule option in the version 1.7.0 — “commandblocksenabled.”

Obviously, the rule turns off or on the ability of using command blocks in the sandbox.

Servers and items

Minecraft has got new multiplayer servers if we talk about online aspects of the cube game. The Hive is a representative of the most impressive and developed online communities in the version 1.7.0 of MCPE.

Furthermore, the developing studio has introduced the possibility of consumption all food kinds in Creative mode. You keep this possibility even if you play at Peaceful difficulty level in Minecraft version 1.7.0.

With the new server, you can meet generous and very welcome, smart and kind players from the whole world more often.

General Changes

Besides, there are some tweaks when we speak about Creative inventory. For instance, a Chorus plant is in the Nature table from now on.

In addition to the fact, cooked fish and raw fish have got new name as cooked or raw salmon in the MCPE 1.7.0 game version. All in all, the Marketplace has been enhanced a little bit.

At last but not at least, the developers have fixed some aspects have worked wrong. Since the moment search results, sorting settings, and filtering work as they should do.

  • What is the command to make my own scoreboard in Minecraft 1.7.0?
    Tap the /scoreboard command.
  • How to get to the Hive server?
    Find servers list and you stumble into the server there.
  • How to gather a raw fish from now on?
    Now the game has only particular fish names: salmon, cod and so on.
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Version: 1.7.0
OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE 1.7.0 apk free
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