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A lot of content have been brought to the game: dyes, crossbows, scaffolding and pandas!

New renovation for MCPE

Meet a great revamped Village & Pillage version of the game which contains dozens of impressive features. The most adorable is the pandas. You can stumble into these cute, furry and big, massive animals in nowhere but the bamboos.

Details About the Pandas

To be honest, Pandas just chilling around and they don’t care about anything. Anyway, different pandas have their own character in the fresh version of the MCPE.

For example, some of them can be aggressive. They will protect the family and attack anybody who was considered as a danger for it. On the contrary, there are lazy guys which are the most sluggish creatures of the Minecraft.

Pandas like to play very much and sometimes you can notice them rolling over and enjoying and the weakest bears sneeze a lot in the refreshed game.

However, the similar thing for every kind is that they are not gluttonous. Their tastes are rather specific because they eat only bamboo and can allow themselves to regale a little bit of cake.


The developers have shown new dyes of the update as well. At first it may seem that the number of available colors has not changed, but then it turns out that some of the tones have changed sources.

For example, you no longer use ink bag, cocoa beans, lapis lazuli and bone meal as stains. Instead, users should create blue, brown, white and black shades in this updated release.

As for weapons, new version includes a crossbow which can be used instead of a usual bow or together in turn. A crossbow differs from a bow in that it is much slower, but at the same time unbreakable. Moreover, it can shoot fireworks and there are three different enchantments options.

Main Features

It’s well-known that the new version brings to the game additional achievements to reach. Most part belongs to bamboo and pandas.

/function command is an exciting newly made feature for map creators. Use it to open mods, addons etc.

Moreover, Mojang has added a new funny phrase on the start screen — a splash «Pandamonium. » Additionally, users can put any fireworks on their hands in upcoming update.

In conclusion, the develops have made a great job and improved the gaming experience.
  • What Is Scaffold Built for in the New Game Version?
    You can use it while building.
  • How to Make a Brown Dye?
    Craft it with cocoa beans.
  • Can I Become Friends with Pandas?
    No, you can’t. It’s impossible, no matter how hard you try.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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