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Minecraft PE apk free

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Get a new version of MCPE Village and Pillage for Android for free: fresh bamboo blocks, scaffolding, and plenty of different additions.

Main features of Minecraft PE version

The developers have finally released the 1st version of Village and Pillage update containing impressive features. According to the information, Mojang has added new cats in MCPE version

Moreover, suddenly the studio has decided to add pandas to the cube world. This cute creatures, unfortunately, cannot be tamed.

Besides, constructors will definitely appreciate this renovation of Pocket Edition because it includes several outstanding features for them which give more and more opportunities.

Some words about MCPE pandas

As far as we can judge, pandas were the most awaited part of the update. The adorable bears live in rainforests and they are not hostile.

Pandas have a strong appetite. They like to eat bamboo and cake very much in this version of Minecraft PE. A player has got an opportunity to breed pandas to make charming little pandas.

Nevertheless, the animals are absolutely untamable and live independently.

In addition, the game gives a small chance to see a brown panda spawning in MCPE version

What about cats in MCPE

The developers have remade ocelots and tamable cats in the update Village and Pillage. Since this version player cannot tame ocelots.

The creatures from now on are absolutely independent and are not bound to kitties anymore in Minecraft PE meaning you do not need to look for the mobs in rainforests.

Stray cats can be noticed walking around in villages. Also, cats have got 7 new skins in the fresh MCPE version from now on. Furthermore, the creatures are able to show some adorable actions since the moment.

For example, the toms lay nearby you while sleeping in MCPE

More exciting features

Additionally, a gameplay can be improved with several new commands added to the game. Moreover, scaffolding is a fresh block which you can climb on in Minecraft PE

To craft it, take bamboo and strings. Scaffolding is quite comfortable and will help you to safe valuable time.

Nonetheless, MCPE hasn’t got bamboo forests.

It turns out that you have an opportunity to stumble into bamboo in jungles temple chests and shipwrecks.

To tell the truth, it is rather complicated to obtain enough of this green material.

To sum up, Minecraft Pocket Edition version brings more live in the animal world of cube survival sandbox.

  • How to find cats in the new MCPE v.
    Try to seek for them on streets of villages.
  • How to gather bamboo?
    You have to find the resource in chests because it doesn’t spawn in world yet.
  • Is there any opportunity to tame panda?
    It’s pity, but there isn’t.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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