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Main new features of Minecraft PE version

The developers have finally introduced core mechanics of the fresh renovation of Pocket Edition. Minecrafters can since the moment take a lot of pleasure from raids and cool blocks in MCPE version

Moreover, Mojang has made several changes that makes Minecraft PE more absorbing and exciting. For instance, the game has got sign variations.

It turns out a player can now make a spruce, an oak, a jungle, an acacia as well as dark oak badges. Besides, players can colorize them with preferred colors in Minecraft PE version

All in all, the whole game experience has become better and exciting.

New blocks

The developing studio has brought new flowers and a lot of new blocks. It means that many building elements have found their own slabs, stairs and walls.

MCPE presents itself like more comprehensive game than it has ever been.

Furthermore, minecrafter can stumble into new flowers as well. There are lilies of the valley in forests which drop a white color.

In addition to the fact, cornflower blue, it can be found on the plains of Minecraft PE version Thus, we’ve got more plants in the cube sandbox.


For more than 10 years, the villagers lived in peace, but time has changed, and a new danger has appeared on the horizon.

MCPE version represents despicable robbers. These guys are always hostile and also attack the residents of the village.

You have to protect the villagers from the raiders, as they own crossbows, have 24 health points and raid settlements.

After all, robbers are quite dangerous, since there are no shields in the game yet. However, if you team up with your friends, you can beat them all in Minecraft PE version


How to craft new slabs in Minecraft PE version

Take 3 blocks in a row.

How to find pillagers?

It is required to activate Experimental mode.

Are there new locations?

The developers have added bamboo forests to Minecraft Pocket Edition.


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