Phasmophobia map

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Meet the horror map for Minecraft PE where you are going to hunt for ghosts together with your friends. Look through the creepy building to catch signals of paranormal presence and guess which spirit has settled in the house. Each ghost is endowed with certain character traits described in the manual inside the game. You can understand what kind of creature is terrorizing the house by collecting the necessary evidence. For a correctly guessed ghost, you will receive a reward. The task is complicated by the fact that prolonged contact with the spirit can lead to loss of reason.

Phasmophobia map for Minecraft PE

Various gadgets will help you in the search for paranormal signs. In addition, several more haunted houses will be available to you.

Phasmophobia map for Minecraft PE 2
Phasmophobia map for Minecraft PE 2

🤔 How to install maps?

1. You need to download .mcworld file first;

2. Then open the file with your file manager program and import it into the game;

3. Launch Minecraft PE and search a new map in the worlds list.


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